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ska invita

back on the other side
Writing my previous post prompted me to put on:

which has some great extended versions on it and sounds good on my (basic) home system so some care was taken to compiling & mastering it from decent sources. Though, having said that, one of my favourite tracks is the long version of George Faith I Forgot to Be Your Lover (AKA To Be a Lover) and I failed to recall, as I was slipping into an extended version bliss, that for some reason it includes the Dillinger toast from the extended version of Roots Train that seemingly drops in at random and out of time with the George Faith track, it's really jarring!

I'm pretty sure that it's like this on the 12" vinyl too which I also have, I will have to dig out to double check but it sounds so much like an error and one can only imagine how high Lee Perry was when he was doing the final mixdown but the masters must be like that unless anyone knows of a version where Dillinger doesn't rudely intrude?
hah you're right! its does have a shit out of a time deejay bit at the end
my other version of this is 6 minutes (album version), which cuts out before that happens
i was playing the Disco Devil version at home, but i now remember i didnt play it to the very end
good to know! Think i'll stick with the 6 minute version

ETA: the version on the Arkology CDs is 8 min, and is the Disco Devil mix just faded out before the deejay bit kicks in, so you still get two minutes of the phased sax solo. Probably the best version as an mp3 then...
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It's… just so wrong innit, what was he thinking? :D

Must mention as I've just thought of it, if you haven't already, to check out The Upsetter: The Life and Music of Lee Scratch Perry documentary, some good samples on there if you were that way inclined. Gives a good view as to what went on at the Black Ark and makes such a mistake a bit more understandable as I can't believe it was deliberate.

Thanks for the nod, will check for that Arkology CD set though I will eventually get around to digitising my vinyl copy which has an instrumental on the flip side and maybe "re-edit" the ending myself.
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ska invita

back on the other side
its on youtube (your link is broken btw?) - will check!

ETA; Ive seen it! But my memory isnt much, could watch it as if new again tbh

Hadnt heard the version before - supposedly its A Pablo on melodica, set phasers to killer!

Cant find an mp3 as its been mislabelled on the vinyl as Rastaman Shuffle - a different tune from teh same year / label
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