someone I work with has sent a malicious email

Discussion in 'education & employment' started by temphelpplease, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    different conceptions of protecting the business.
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  2. Magnus McGinty

    Magnus McGinty Wh♂️

    I’m fairly certain they don’t want to have to deal with a victimisation claim against them.
  3. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    In an ideal world, yes. Too often that's not the case.
  4. xenon

    xenon Sacred moche hat combat

    The IT dept likely can't identify them any more accurately than you can. Anyone can send an email from a mobile.

    So, try looking at it this way. If the sender won't identify themselves, if the content of the email is so vague as to not permit identifying them,any leverage / power they get from sending it is spent. Keep copies of anything sent to you though and log any further incidents with HR. Keep the copies off your work PC too. Printing them is probably safest as depending on your works IT policy, you may not be permitted to copy information to an external storage place.
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  5. PippinTook

    PippinTook Happy

    What about scaring the shit out of whoever sent it.
    Post the email on your office notice board. Stand up and say...
    "Whoever the fuck sent this email...just letting you know that I'm calling in the police and you will be found out".
    Watch the faces.....sweaty brows....
    Or...if you want to be more subtle forward the horrible email to everyone in your office and see how they react.
    But personally I'd go for the up front approach.
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  6. PippinTook

    PippinTook Happy

    Bullying stops when completely exposed
  7. existentialist

    existentialist Danced on by a twerking bee

    It's high-risk. If you're genuinely not bothered, and you can front it out, that might work. But if they know - which they might - that you're more upset than that, then it invites them to up the ante in some way. My dad always used to say "punch them on the nose" when I got bullied at school, but it wasn't ever as simple as that, and my ineffectual attempts usually led to the problem escalating.

    It needs more than just exposure. And that's tough to do, sometimes.
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  8. keybored

    keybored ㋛̶̶̵̙̜̝̖̝̭̎̀̔̌̕

    Those are instructions to view headers for email received in a gmail account, not from a gmail address. As OP says, Google proxy emails sent from their accounts (X-Originating-IP will be a Google one, not the sender's).
  9. PippinTook

    PippinTook Happy

    It would get it out in the open though. .it would show the bully and the office that someone there was a fucking snake. And what is there to lose? Seriously? Hiding it and letting HR bumble their way to nowhere let's this snake in the grass win and possibly try again..

    What's to lose? If you work in an office where this can happen then everybody needs to know about it.

    Out in the open is the only way once other avenues are exhausted.

    Even if the scumbag is not discovered immediately it will warn the rest of the office to be on their guard.
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  10. PippinTook

    PippinTook Happy

    I had to do something out in the open like this once. Not exactly the same but I was informed that one member of staff had complained about a work accommodation I had.

    I was told that because one person had complained that the accommodation might have to be stopped completely... So I asked the boss if he minded me asking staff if they supported me. That was grand. So I drew up a clear statement of the work accommodation.. went to my colleagues one by one....handed it to them without saying a word and lo and behold all signed in agreement bar one. He was a scumbag who just decided to throw his weight around and had no good reason to do what he did. He actually said something to the effect that because he was in a semi managerial role he didn't feel comfortable. So I asked why he had complained and he had no reply. End of that...

    For fairness and openness I posted the results on the staff notice board and thanked everyone. People were enraged at the shit who hadn't signed. Because he had been Mr oh so caring and all for minding staff. True colours eh? Lol

    The fucker who didn't sign it got all hot and bothered and people saw him as the scumbag he is after that.

    And I got to keep my accommodation.
  11. xenon

    xenon Sacred moche hat combat

    FWIW you get the originating IP, "Received" IP towards the end of the headers though. Which, is still not likely to be much use.
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  12. keybored

    keybored ㋛̶̶̵̙̜̝̖̝̭̎̀̔̌̕

    Not on my client (Thunderbird).
    X-Originating-IP - Wikipedia
  13. existentialist

    existentialist Danced on by a twerking bee

    I don't think we even know for sure that the scumbag is someone in the office. I think it's quite likely that HR would take it quite badly amiss if someone started throwing around accusations that someone within the organisation had been sending hate mail, and the OP could find themselves suddenly the "bad guy" in this situation.

    From what I understand, it's a single email (so far). Without in any way minimising the distress even a single nasty email would cause, there is a serious danger that making it a noticeboard issue would make an issue of that single email, both in terms of the atmosphere within the company, and (if the perpetrator is a member of staff and would thus be aware that they've made an impact) by escalating the situation and prompting a bigger response. At the moment, I imagine there is nothing to show the perpetrator that their unpleasantness has had any effect; providing them with that affirmation of what they have done by showing them it has would be likely to encourage further emails, which I imagine is the main thing the OP would like to avoid.

    That's only my point of view, and I can see how the kind of response you're suggesting could be attractive, but it just seems to me to be risking courting far more grief for little benefit.
  14. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model Every man and every woman is a star

    or indeed far more grief for far more grief
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  15. PippinTook

    PippinTook Happy

    I thought the OP knew the email was from a workplace colleague?
  16. existentialist

    existentialist Danced on by a twerking bee

    They might know it, but there's nothing to identify them - which would make a public accusation dicey, to say the least. Taking it to HR was the right thing to do - going public would be risky without some evidence that the message had come from within the organisation.
  17. PippinTook

    PippinTook Happy

    I get that.
    But.....anonymous bullies who get away with this sort of thing tend to continue. They will go on until they get a reaction.

    What's to stop the OP printing off the email and showing it to colleagues just to ask if anyone else has been receiving similar? The OP doesn't have to accuse anyone to make this known in the office.
    In the process it may become obvious who the perpetrator is.

    I doubt HR will do much more than they've done. So the only options left are:
    Ignore and suffer possible more emails.
    Publicly alert colleagues by showing them the email...And saying that your plans are to go to the police. You don't have to accuse anyone but just put it out there and see what happens.
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  18. existentialist

    existentialist Danced on by a twerking bee

    Not always. And, if they go on, they increase the risk of being caught out.

    That's certainly better than putting something up on the noticeboard, but it still risks telling the perpetrator that they've got a reaction. I'm not saying "just ignore it", more "keep your powder dry" ;)

    What do you think the police are likely to do? We don't know what the email says, but unless it's making threats to kill or something similarly serious, they're likely to say "OK, thanks, we'll give it a crime number and let us know if any more come in". They're certainly not going to be devoting many, if any, resources to investigating a single poison pen email that will be extremely hard to trace.

    I fear that the OP would only be increasing their frustration and distress for no benefit whatsoever.
  19. xenon

    xenon Sacred moche hat combat

    Ah you're right.

    Yeah looks like Google don't include that field when you use the web front end.

    I saw my home IP in the headers when sending from Gmail to another account, using Thunderbird. But not in a second email using GMail's web frontend.
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  20. PippinTook

    PippinTook Happy

    It's a rotten situation. And one I would definitely not sit on. But that's me. I'd be showing it around and seeing how people react.
    Because there's nothing much can be done about it...but if I sussed who it was by showing it around, I'd confront them. Definitely.

    May not work for everyone...
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  21. temphelpplease

    temphelpplease New Member

    meeting HR today as they have sent the email again
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  22. kabbes

    kabbes "A top 400 poster"

    Same email?
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  23. PippinTook

    PippinTook Happy

    Fuckinell ...
  24. ElizabethofYork

    ElizabethofYork Witchsmeller Pursuivant

    Bloody hell. Hope they work out who the bastard is.
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  25. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Perhaps; get HR - with a copy of email - assuming this is "internal" to interview everybody (including the OP) to see if a reaction is obtained.
  26. existentialist

    existentialist Danced on by a twerking bee

    Sorry to hear that. Hopefully HR will see that this is clearly now an ongoing thing, and will want to take it more seriously.
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  27. extra dry

    extra dry Happy to be here

    This is how some office shootings start.

    I would say, if I were you, totally ignore the person you suppect of doing this, while keeping record of everything.

    I would say something, and in writing, to H.R + police or solisitor.
  28. extra dry

    extra dry Happy to be here

    Sorry to hear that.
    Is the I.P address the same?
  29. temphelpplease

    temphelpplease New Member

  30. temphelpplease

    temphelpplease New Member

    HR are being shit and very shady, I don't think they give a fuck really and are hoping it will go away. Thinking of getting outside legal advice
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