Solidarity Actions With Grenfell Residents

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    Just been on the 'Day of Rage'. It could have been worse. A few hundred people, very few paper sellers and only half the shit people were ranting over the p.a. made me want to cringe. Everyone left their helmets and baseball bats at home too.
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    Radical Housing Network
    5 mins ·
    **** press statement ****

    In response to news that the Corporation of London has offered affordable housing to families of Grenfell in a luxury block, Radical Housing Network said:

    "We're pleased that the Corporation of London has stepped in to offer laffordable social housing to Grenfell residents – the least that should happen is that existing social tenants are offered alternative social housing after their homes have been burnt to the ground following council and government negligence.

    "However, questions remain about housing social tenants in luxury apartment blocks - how 'affordable' will these flats really be? We also abhor the way in which developers of luxury blocks meet 'affordable' housing quotas by designing buildings in which those on low-incomes are kept out of sight and out of mind from the rich.

    "It's unclear whether these flats will be available to private renters, homeowners or subtenants of Grenfell Tower. Public authorities have a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of all of those displaced by the Grenfell catastrophe, whatever their status.

    "Long term we need public investment in housing. Council housing pays for itself and saves public money - currently, we spend £23 billion every year on housing benefit which goes directly into landlord's pockets.

    “We need housing for people not for profit - and public investment in secure, decent, genuinely affordable housing for everyone.”

    Notes to Editors

    Radical Housing Network is a London-wide network of campaigns fighting housing injustice. For all press statements see

    Grenfell Action Group is a member of the Radical Housing Network.

    Press contact

    Katya Nasim 07791018631
    Harriet Vickers – 07817724556

    Radical Housing Network
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    Thought I'd recycle Butcher's link to the donations page for Grenfell Action Group
    They've got £6,000 so far, which is handy but probably not enough for the work they will have to do to get a bit of accountability for the residents (along with all the other work they are doing).
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    Rutita1 Scum with no integrity, apparently.

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