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Socialist Reggae?

ska invita

back on the other side
Jah Thomas Meets The Roots Radics - Dubbing
Good tracklist names
1 House Of Parliament Dub 4:08
2 Minister Of State Dub 6:02
3 Opposition Dub 3:48
4 Socialist Dub 3:34
5 Communist Dub 4:52
6 Policeman Dub 3:42
7 Soldierman Dub 3:28
8 Housewife Dub 3:32
9 Midwife Dub 3:50
10 Nurse Dub 3:44
11 Doctor Dub 3:26
12 Lawyer Dub 3:32
13 Worldwide Dub 2:32
14 Jamaica Labour Party Dub 3:14
15 People's National Party Dub

ska invita

back on the other side
Loving this - kinds of a reclaim the commons thing - produced by Shaka's son
Freedom of the Land
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Fozzie Bear

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I haven’t got the faintest what this one is about* but I am enjoying imagining it as an exhortation to our Trotskyist comrades to throw off their shackles and join us outside the party and against capital.

*Probably about a lad named Trots who got banged up. Any info welcome.

Freedom For Trots!