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Socialist Reggae?


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lyrics reminds me a bit of this
The Meditations - No Peace

that could really do with a vinyl reissue...dont think its hit vinyl since 1978
I think you're right, I'll play it on my radio show this week. Just checked - the 7" came on Upsetter and Black Art, two different mixes of which I only have the Upsetter, surprised it hasn't been reissued.

Edited as I got another Meditations tune on 12" mixed up.

ska invita

back on the other side
Sticking this here for prosperity Fozzie
Austerity Reggae Mix


(download the mp3 direct from here but don’t go mad and use up all my bandwidth)

In which I slam down a bunch of the tunes I took to play out last week on the loose topic of austerity, poverty and the general insanity of the system.


1. Ansil Collings – Keep The Cost of Living Down (Magnet 7″)
2. The Abyssinians – Declaration of Rights (Studio 1 7″)
3. Johnny Clarke – Declaration of Rights version (Jackpot 7″)
4. Earl Cunningham – I Want My Pay (Midnight Rock Music 7″)
5. Lorna Gee – Three Week Gone (Ariwa 12″)
6. Black Uhuru – Rent Man (DEB Music 7″)
7. Half Pint – Mr Landlord (Jammys 12″)
8. Lieutentant Stitchie – Promises (Digital B 7″)
9. Black Uhuru – Pain On The Poorman Brain (JR 7″)
10. King General – Broke Again (Conscious Sounds 12″)
11. Robert Lee – Leader (Fish Tea 7″)
12. Pliers – Rough This Year (Black Scorpio 12″)
13. Cobra – Poorman Shoes (Digital B 7″)
14. Anthony B – Nah Vote (Stone Love 7″)
15. Junior Reid – John Law (Blacker Dread 7″)
16. Joseph Hill & The Culture – Police Man (Mister Tipsy 7″)
17. Barrington Levy – Murderer (Jah Life 7″)
18. Barrington Levy & Beenie Man – Murderation (Xtra Large 7″)
19. Turbulence – Guns Bring Misery (Palm of Gold 7″)
20. Natty King – Guns To Town (2 Miles 7″)
21. Admiral Tibet – Da Pon Mi Guard (Ranking Universal 12″)
22. Dennis Brown – Revolution (Auralux LP)
23. David Harvey – Outro (Novara Media Youtube rip)

Special Unauthorised Guest Appearance from David Harvey via Novara Media.

Fozzie Bear

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This LP just got repressed:

Great titles (below) sound samples up at dub vendor

Well Pack Band / Winston Edwards - Strike (Studio 16) LP

Rare dub / instrumental album produced by Winston Edwards in 1980, warm and easy UK vibes with lots of horns, sounds like the Well Pack Band may be Matumbi or members thereof in another guise. The theme being the workers socialist struggle against the tyranny of the bosses was probably hot at the time, though the music is more mellow than militant.

Side A:
1. New Approach To Workers
2. More Power To The Workers
3. Bad Management
4. Mahagement Attitude To Workers

Side B:
1. Better Working Conditions For Workers
2. Union & Management
3. More Opportunity For Workers Children
4. Stop Victimisation


I'll do it this afternoon
I made a playlist of as many of the tracks mentioned here as I could find on spotify.

I'm not sure how it works but hopefully at least one of these links will mean people can listen to it and add more tracks as the thread (hopefully) grows;

Socialist Version

Socialist Version

<iframe src="https://embed.spotify.com/?uri=spotify:user:iamsime:playlist:6xrxwLHNtAOdMvhAck0PiE" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

please let me know if this works, ta.

* i also added this to it: