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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by Gramsci, Oct 15, 2013.

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    Interesting programme looking into RTB. Features Lambeth. Among other things looks at property firms that offer to "help" Council tenants buy there property. Its legal. In Lambeth looked at an estate where these property firms had been leafleting the estate. Many of the tenants are on housing benefit. The "deal" is the property company put up the money to buy the flat and in theory they become tenants of the property company. A housing lawyer told of vulnerable people getting evicted by property companies as the "deal" was not what it seemed. They prey on vulnerable people.

    Its a big problem in London. Due to the killing to be made on the high price of the houses.

    Whose Right to Buy Is It Anyway?, File on 4 - BBC Radio 4
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    More designer homes from Southwark
  4. friendofdorothy

    friendofdorothy it is so much worse than Thatcherism now

    hang on - wasn't the north peckham estate all replaced years ago? why is it on twitter now?
    I had the impression from locals around there at the time that the new streets were welcomed and the old estate wasn't popular with its own residents.
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    They were highlighting the rather unpleasant terraced street of affordable homes @ £450,000 each in the top left.

    For some reason on Urban it comes out as a tetraptych or quadriptych in my repost.

    If you want greater clarity - here is the photo I thought I had posted originally, plus some affordability criterea.
    In the spirit of the times I should qualify this by saying I am reposting this for general interest - thought I honestly believe this information better informed than say the £350 million a week that is not now going to be spent on the health service.
    North Peckham houses.jpg
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    I heard this on Radio 4 tonight.
    There is further information here 16% of RTB purchasers 'on housing benefit' | News | Inside Housing

    Ironically it seems that we will not be able to track this so efficiently in future as the agency recording money laundering money used in some of the RTB fraud cases is a European agency.
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    Here's George Turners' piece on Vauxhall Sky Gardens and how Frasers with the help of Savills might be using lower expected sales values to reduce even affordable provision from Lambeth Council.

    Pie in the sky – Vauxhall Sky Gardens
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    Keybridge House has almost all gone. Scarily quick.
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    And the comment on the Pie blog isn't quite accurate - there's demolition work taking place on the Bondway storage site at the moment.
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    Property developers are vermin. In the sense that they serve no useful purpose, make things worse and should be eradicated from society.

    "Financial Viability" is such a load of bollox.

    Lambeth Council , who are quick to have a go at the little people like in the Housing Coops, are on there knees in front of big time property developers.
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    Ex social housing developers Lend Lease forced to cut their prices:
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    These things don't get on the news unfortunately, but the very first question asked of the new Chancellor of the Exchequer on appearing before the Economic Affairs committee on Thursday 8th September for first time was about what he was going to do to deal with the need for more social housing.

    The tone of his reply was promising at least - though will anything come of it?
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    There's a social housing demo at RIBA on Thursday October 6th
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  17. Gramsci

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    The 35% Campaign have done an excellent article on this.

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  18. Gramsci

    Gramsci Well-Known Member

    Another more "arty" critique of the nomination in Architectural Review.

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    This article is very informative.
    I'm hoping to go to the demo. I think giving them an award is a disgrace.

    At least mediaeval masons thought their cathedrals were helping pilgrims achieve eternal life.

    All these modern "architects" do is provide the fig leaf for an economic process relentlessly asset-stripping the poor funnelling money to private corporate financial interests.
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    Post for social housing cognoscenti and uber nerds

    There is currently some controversy over a speech made in Berlin by Patrik Schumacher - currently director of Zaha Hadid architects (designers of the Loughborough Park Academy and numerous modernist buildings worldwide).

    Just wanted to post this as Schumacher's views are so counter-intuitive and pro-developer it seems off the spectrum politically, even for Tories. Nevertheless what he is saying is coming to pass by default - purely driven by developer profits.

    Patrik Schumacher calls for scrapping of social housing and public space

    The link contains a summary of the comments and a video of the lecture (1 hour total)
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    Saw this disturbing report by Corporate Watch about the complicity of homeless charities and Councils in deporting homeless people.

    The Round-Up: rough sleeper immigration raids and charity collaboration | Corporate Watch

    Lambeth is one of them:

    The Freedom of Information requests asked the GLA and borough councils how many times in the
    last year their outreach teams had conducted joint visits to rough sleepers together with Immigration
    Enforcement. They also asked how many people had returned “voluntarily” to other countries as a
    result of these visits, and how many people had been detained.
    Many councils did not answer, claiming that they don't hold this information. Westminster, the
    council with by far the most rough sleepers and organised rough sleeper services, was amongst
    these. As we will see below, Westminster has actively lobbied for a toughened “enforcement
    approach” to European rough sleepers, and in November and December 2015 it ran a key pilot
    project with the Home Office called Operation Adoze. We know from a parliamentary question that
    exactly 127 EEA nationals encountered in Westminster during this operation were deported through
    Operation Adoze, either in those two months or by September So there is certainly active
    Immigration Enforcement in Westminster, and active data gathering too.
    Twelve other London councils did reply saying that they had carried out joint visits with ICE the
    year before. They included all the other inner London boroughs with 160 or more rough sleepers.
    Between them, they counted 133 such visits, so about 11 each, just under one a month, in each
    Based on their replies, there seems to be a rough correlation between the number of rough sleepers
    in a borough and the number of Immigration Enforcement operations. Camden, number two for
    rough sleepers after Westminster, said that its outreach teams made 24 joint visits with Immigration
    Enforcement in the previous year, i.e., one a fortnight. Lambeth, with 445 rough sleepers, had 17
    joint visits. (These are the two areas operated by CGL “Safer Streets” teams.) Tower Hamlets, with
    377 rough sleepers, had 16 joint visits. Lewisham (199 rough sleepers) had 15 joint visits, while
    Kensington & Chelsea (225) and Hammersmith & Fulham (161) each had 14. The outliers were
    Southwark and Ealing, which had 373 and 219 rough sleepers, but only five and two joint visits
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    Appalled that Lambeth will work with immigration enforcement to round up these vulnerable people.
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    Another quote from report. This is supporting Theresa Mays hard-line on immigration:

    EU and other European Economic Area (EEA) nationals are the main targets, as they make up nearly half of London rough sleepers. Migrants from Romania, Poland, and other East European countries are particularly affected.

    In May 2016, the Home Office toughened the rules so that European rough sleepers can be arrested for deportation if found sleeping rough on just one night.

    Tough policy on migrant rough sleepers was “intensely lobbied” for by Westminster Council, and encouraged by the “Mayor's Rough Sleeping Group”, which included senior charity managers from St Mungo's, Thames Reach, Homeless Link, and also Crisis.1

    Rough sleeper deportations are at the cutting edge of Theresa May's “hostile environment” approach where immigration controls are spreading across schools, hospitals, and housing.

    The “hostile environment” is based on collaboration. But it can be broken by solidarity and resistance. We are already seeing examples of refusal by some homelessness workers and campaigners; the conclusion gives some ideas for how it could spread.
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    strangely enough the chuggers for St. Mungoes, Shelter etc. have not been seen around Tottenham Court Road/Bloomsbury are since this was reported :hmm:
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    I donate to Centrepoint. Do they also collaborate with immigration enforcement?

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