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So who's tried a Greggs vegan sausage roll/steak bake?


It definitely looks brighter over there..
What's in it?
I'm guessing the puff pastry is made with coconut butter or similar instead of butter and the filling some sort of sausage mix, they're are loads around. It's still pretty calorific but I don't think anyone is going to buy it thinking its one of their 5 a day. I'll give it a try for sure.


or queefy
It's quorn sausage and the pastry will just be like pretty much all other mass produced pastry which has vegetable fat rather than butter. Their normal sausage rolls wont have butter either like.

I haven't got round to trying one yet but do want to! A friend reported that they are tasty but not as big as the normal ones.


What would Badgers do?
I was wondering if they'd actually paid Piers Morgan to spout his predictable twaddle about this. Can't put a price on publicity like that.
They both allegedly use (or have used) the same PR company :hmm:

I might try one next time I’m there. They can’t be any worse than the meat ones :D

Poi E

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Yeah good job Greggs. They do a very nice chicken salad roll not loaded with mayo or butter like every other bloody sandwich.


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I'd only eat one in dire, unexpected circumstances where all other options have failed me*. So not so far but it's only been a couple of days.

*Much like a meat Gregg's sausage roll.


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Had two yesterday, will certainly be having more. And I'm not a veggie either, it's great there is stuff like this happening now, can eat less meat and reduce the impact a tiny amount. Moar choice FTW! :thumbs:
Yeah, this.


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I'd give one a go. I sometimes get a veggie hot dog from Ikea and I prefer them to the meat ones.
I couldn't imagine the circumstances under which anyone would feel the desire to go to IKEA on a regular enough basis to be able to make such a statement