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So, how do they know how far the players run


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Every games had a little box appear on the screen late second half - player x 8.88 k, player y 8.32 k, Ronaldo £88 million etc.

How the fuck do they do that? Must have some sort of tracking thing - click on the player on the screen and it follows them throughout the game. But hows that work?? Can't work with the standard telly pictures because they don't cover the whole pitch all the time. And hows it manage to track (presumably) 20 players at once?? Or do they make it up? :hmm::hmm:

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I guess they would just have an aerial view of the pitch and attach a fairly straightforward computer programme to the action.


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I remember seeing a report about a high-end software for managers, which requires two (or four, don't remember exactly right now) stationary panoramic cameras and a computer that tracks a "body space" box surrounding each player locked at the start of the match (when all players are standing still).
Then, It processed everything into a radar field (like, say, FM), and only required the occasional reset on the the boxes (after confusing plays) and some help to distinguish between some passes and shots.

While this seems a bit too much for clubs, I'm pretty sure TV stations have the means and personnel to keep those things running smoothly.


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They use an us navy targeting sytem called hawk eye which works it all out.

do you people not remember townsends tactic truck?