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Snouts in the trough in Caerphilthy


I think results like this...

Aaaaaand they've got away with it!
...quite comfortably explain things like this...

That they even thought they'd get away with this without anyone noticing is almost as astonishing as their having the barefaced cheek to do it in the first place.
...and this...

The best bit is they actually try and defend it and dont seem to grasp how wrong this is.


dros ben llestri
probably get a decent pay off!
Pay rise scandal council officers 'could now get payoffs'

A council source told us: “It has been suggested that the way to settle this matter is by paying off the three officers concerned. It’s likely there will be a confidential report at the next meeting. All members of the committee have been warned not to say anything.

“The amount of money involved in any payoffs is likely to be substantial. I think there will be a lot of public disquiet about this if and when the payoffs go ahead.

“Everything is being kept under wraps, but it’s not right that a deal should be done without the public knowing about it. The council must be transparent about this, especially because the original decision to give the pay rises was surrounded in such secrecy. If there hadn’t been a leak to the media, it would all have been hushed up.”


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In some ways I'm happy they're paying him top dollar for doing nothing and staying at home. Just imagine the chaos he'd cause if the cunt did turn up and try and run things


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Yet another example of an inability to deal with complex money issues in power. Why would anyone in Caerphilly want to contribute their taxes to anything if behaving unlawfully is rewarded so?