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Smithfield, Billingsgate and New Spitalfields Market to move out of Central London to Dagenham


I guess it's not that much of a surprise given their lucrative locations for cunty developers and foreign investors...

The Court of Common Council, the City of London’s main decision-making body, has decided to consolidate and relocate three historic wholesale food markets, Smithfield Market, Billingsgate Market and New Spitalfields Market.

New Spitalfields moved to Leyton in 1991, while Billingsgate moved to the Canary Wharf area in 1982 — only Smithfield remains in its 800 year old home.

Four sites had been shortlisted for a possible combined food market, at Barking Reach in Dagenham, Silvertown in Newham; Fairlop in Redbridge; and Thames Enterprise Park in Thurrock.

Last year, the City of London bought a huge plot of land next to Dagenham Dock currently occupied by a power station, in a preemptive strike to stop other bidders getting their hands on the land. The 42-acre site in Dagenham was being eyed up by a number of other bidders, so the City stepped in to keep it as an option for their market. Or to sell it later if the shortlist settled on an alternative site.

They’ve now confirmed that the new combined food market will go to Dagenham.
Smithfield meat market to move out of Central London

Lord Camomile

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From the same source:
When vacated, the Billingsgate site is reported to have the potential for 1,500 new homes, and New Spitalfields for around 1,200 homes. Smithfield is likely to become offices.
While many will mourn the loss of the market from Central London, the meat traders will be delighted with no longer having to pay the congestion charge if they have to leave the market late (by overnight workers standards) when the charge kicks in at 7am.
That's an interesting take.

Will certainly be interesting to see how everyone reacts. Most won't use the market and it does perhaps make some logistical sense, but replacing them with more flats and offices which will make a gross amount of money for a handful of people is always depressing.

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anyway it'll be a great headache for market traders, many of who buy their produce at some unholy hour in the middle of the night and transport it to their stall location.