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Sleeper trains London-Scotland, any good/worth doing?

Discussion in 'transport' started by Placid Casual27, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. silverfish

    silverfish Sprinkling glitter on turds

    Only on urban:) almost as spectacular as the swan drowning man racism thread
  2. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    You're quite strange Bungle.
  3. Miss-Shelf

    Miss-Shelf Up to my tits in quilts

    I will be getting the sleeper back from inverness next week
    will report back
    can't wait to piss in the sink
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  4. extra dry

    extra dry Happy to be here

    It is less stress on a train, I m not constantly thinking of all things that can go wrong on a train/during a journey.

    Where as on a plane my mind is in over load thinking of all the thousands of nuts and bolts which could bring the plane down or the guy, this happened in 2000, who sits besides me and says 'I'm glad you are not a Jew'

    ...anyway the train is great, usually you arrive in a city center or close as..the airport can still leave you a 20-30quid taxi just to get to a town.

    Did the trip go OK would you recommend it to others?
  5. Reno

    Reno The In Kraut

    Doesn't the pope have his own pope-plane. I always think of him like Batman, with a themed vehicle for any occasion and a pope-cave under the Vatican.

    I love sleeper carriages and took them in Europe in the 80s where and when they were affordable.
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  6. Miss-Shelf

    Miss-Shelf Up to my tits in quilts

    I am on the sleeper *excited* but sharing with a stranger so no pissing in the sink
  7. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    Oooh yay!
  8. claphamboy

    claphamboy The wheels on the bus go round and round....

    I don't know, it could be an introduction to an interesting night. ;)
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  9. paolo

    paolo Well-Known Member

    Spymaster has lost perspective on this one I think.

    A bit like someone squashing on to the tube every morning, and thinking the tourists on the windy open top bus are somehow losers, simply because the tube is faster and indoors.

    I'm of the opposite view. I know who is having a better time, and it's not me on the tube. (And, I suspect, Spymaster doesn't find his flights very much fun either. It's a chore he probably wishes he wasn't forced to do.)

    For others though, sometimes, it's fun to travel. It's not all about speed or a conventional view of comfort. And indeed, there's little correlation with affluence either - in some cases quite the opposite. Someone, say, going to Australia overland is likely to be considerably wealthier - in terms of cash *and* time - than someone flying, even if they fly first class. Spymaster is probably time poor and cash constrained.

    My favourite sleeper trip was to Berlin. We had a new compartment, with our own WC & shower. As we were coming into Berlin, the carriage conductor had laid out another empty compartment for us to use as a private breakfast space. He served us whilst we watched a snowy Berlin come into view. When we arrived we wheeled our bags 10 minutes to our apartment near the station in the city centre.

    It wasn't cheap, but you couldn't get an experience like that flying unless you went by private jet.

    The Caledonian sleeper isn't quite as plush of course, but it can still be fun for those who aren't living the tedium of frequent travel on that route.
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  10. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    We're are you going from/to Miss Shelf?
  11. Miss-Shelf

    Miss-Shelf Up to my tits in quilts

    Iam coming back from inverness. i went up to glasgow to see friends who drove me up to their croft on the coast in wester ross. then i got the train to kyle and pennimania picked me up and took me to skye. i have seen mountains , seals, wild goats,deer, lochs, much rabbits and sun. so sunny i kid you not. so lucky to have that experience. it has reset my head all that loveliness.
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  12. Quartz

    Quartz Eclectic contrarian plebeian

    I've used the sleeper service and it was ace. If you want a shower, you walk about half a mile, maybe less, to another station (I forget which) and use the showers there. Definitely get a berth rather than a sleeper seat.
  13. Biddlybee

    Biddlybee making knots with sticks

    That sounds lovely Miss-Shelf :cool: :)
  14. Miss-Shelf

    Miss-Shelf Up to my tits in quilts

    Yes it was

    and back on the topic of sleeper being worth it -i didnt sleep v well but it was very comfortable to travel such a long way lying down rather than in the daytime with so many people and crowded seated trains and changes of train. it gave an extra day of holiday and was simple and peaceful
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  15. kittyP

    kittyP schmeeer

    I am very very jealous of your whole holiday!! :cool:

    I have not seen mountains for far too long :(
  16. Biddlybee

    Biddlybee making knots with sticks

    You will soon I'm sure missy :)

    We got the Night Riviera a few weeks back, and was good to have the whole of Sunday down in Cornwall, and was a great experience. I did sleep a bit, but really not enough. Went straight to work from the train and felt a bit odd all day :D

    (didn't wee in the sink either)
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  17. quimcunx

    quimcunx Too tall.

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  18. Just back from the Night Riviera Sleeper, it was late, but an awesome way to get home:


    And here's the sink I pissed in...


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  19. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    I've seen more appealing prison cells.
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  20. It was small, but allowed me to spend a full day on the beach in Thurlestone, a nice, boozy dinner in Hope Cove, put the kids to bed and still be in London for Monday morning. There's no other way to do that unless you have a chauffeur.
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  21. laptop

    laptop Freudenschade

    The Night Riviera is cool.

    Not as cool as the old Mk1 Caledonians... Any pix of the new ones?
  22. neonwilderness

    neonwilderness What would Badgers do?

    I did Fort William - London a few weeks ago. Managed to do a full day exploring the highlands and then made a 10am meeting in Brighton the next day. The cabin was a bit dated and a bit rattly, but a few drinks in the buffet before bed sorted that :thumbs:
  23. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    Did you have one of those super-value £230 berths all to yourself?
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  24. neonwilderness

    neonwilderness What would Badgers do?

    Yeah I had a solo berth. IIRC it was about £150 which wasn't too bad as I'd have had another night in a hotel to pay for otherwise.

    The standard berth was cheaper, but I was willing to pay a bit extra to not have to risk sharing a tiny room with a stranger :D
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  25. Always worth the extra, imagine sharing with Spy? *shudders*
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  26. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    You'd be perfectly safe. I'd rather boil my bollocks than travel overnight on a UK train.
  27. Bungle73

    Bungle73 I was there, now I'm here

    It's a train. What are you expecting? A 5 star luxury suite?

    What are you afraid of?
  28. Spymaster

    Spymaster Cockney Wanker

    I'm not afraid of anything, but my years of comfortless traveling are well behind me. Unlike others, I also don't consider train journeys particularly romantic or enjoyable unless I'm on The Blue Train or The Orient Express. For me, the choice between a 50 minute flight (even allowing for travel to and from airports) and an overnight train journey is a no-brainer.
  29. kebabking

    kebabking Unfettered ambition

    oo no, an overnight train journey on the sleeper offers the chance of an encounter with a glamourous Russian called Natasha who is, for some reason, utterly entranced by the minutae of the inner workings of a NATO HQ and who finds my jokes hillarious. sitting in a Sleazyjet germ tube for 50 minutes merely means that i'll sit next to an office supplies sales manager call Gerald who will regale me with tales of his latest triumph. and then catch flu.
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  30. A380

    A380 How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?

    I used to love sleepers, but the last time I got one, with a woman from work we got lots of hassle from another man on the train. He was a quite big chap who'd been causing me problems earlier; he actually tried to force his way into our compartment. It got worse when he tried to bite me and I was appalled to see he had razor sharp metal teeth fitted. Luckily I was able to smash a bedside lamp and push the still live filament onto his metal teeth which stunned him enough for me to throw him out of the window.

    Fortunately he didn't die though as, ironically, later on he helped me escape from Hugo Drax's space station by freeing my trapped space shuttle.
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