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killer b

Minimum Waste / Maximum Joy
they're fucking ace. I'm gutted I wasn't able to get to their gig at a really sleazy bar in blackpool a couple of months ago - not much of a chance of that happening again. :(

Orang Utan

knows how to use the three shells
The name put me off investigating them, but the song in the OP is ace. Actually worth listening to the lyrics!


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The place is packed and the bar is four deep. They kick off with Mr Jolly Fucker and you can sense that we are witnessing something very special. Talk is of the day that punk broke and people making music that they can throw at governments. We are all in on this together in this small room that smells of beer, swaying about, enjoying the ride.
review of Leeds gig

really hope particularly young people get into them, significant music

unlikely they will grace the stage at the TUC demo in October...
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