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Discussion in 'education & employment' started by miss direct, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. miss direct

    miss direct misfungled

    I've got a job interview tomorrow on Skype - well, I thought it was Skype but it seems I have to download Skype Business and accept an invitation to a "meeting" (not sure why it has to be so confusing). Does anyone know if I can use my normal Skype account for this?

    I always look awful on Skype calls - I'll be using my phone and it just seems so offputting to have a close up of my face when I'm trying to come across as professional. So any tips on how to look my best (the interview will be at the end of my normal working day - I may have five minutes to pop to the loo but nothing drastic).

    The person interviewing me is kind of a big deal in the industry I work in - I googled him and feel a bit intimidated. Plus he's British so might pick up on my Brummie accent :D

    It's a freelance job - in the application (which I filled in over three months ago), there was a question about expected salary - I just wrote "industry standard" but I don't know what that is. Is it ok to ask? I don't even know what currency they would pay in (living in Turkey, with a wildly unstable currency, this is really important). I was always told not to ask about salaries but not sure if that's still the case.
  2. Supine

    Supine Rough Like Badger

    It's not OK to write industry standard and then ask. Find out what rate you want / expect and then add a bit. Worry about getting the job before money is discussed though!
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  3. miss direct

    miss direct misfungled

    Ha - yes. Just that the rate they pay affects how much I actually want the job. I will ask around at work tomorrow - a few freelancers around there that may be able to give me at least an idea.
  4. pseudonarcissus

    pseudonarcissus fluttering and dancing

    Skype for business has nothing to do with Skype, but I think you can use the same log in.
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  5. miss direct

    miss direct misfungled

    Oh great, I'll give it another go. (My other workplace uses "workplace" which is Facebook for work :/)
  6. pseudonarcissus

    pseudonarcissus fluttering and dancing

    I think the same login works for Skype, outlook, office365 etc.

    I was quite an early adopter of Skype, so my user name is just my name. I used to be a member of a gentlemen’s club in London. Skype seemed always to remember the other user there, Bootylicious79. The Naval Club wasn’t as stuffy as one would imagine ;)
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  7. pseudonarcissus

    pseudonarcissus fluttering and dancing

    I did some Skype interviews recently, just make sure the light source is in front of you. I’m sure you can prop the phone up a suitable distance away.
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  8. miss direct

    miss direct misfungled

    Nope, my normal log in doesn't work - says I have to "enter my corporate email address" - er, you what?
  9. Bavid Dowie

    Bavid Dowie Banned Banned

    Wear a headset if possible. I do work on a webcam and if you don't have a headset on you get weird sounds
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  10. twentythreedom

    twentythreedom Patterdale Terrorist R.I.P.

    Don't do the interview if you're off your nut on coke. I know someone who did this. Didn't go well.
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  11. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    Yeah Skype for business is totally different to skype for desktop. You can add contacts between the two but it’s a right faff. It would be better if they sent you a web link to the interview and you joined via a browser plugin.

    Good luck, and hopefully the company in question isn’t inept at technology. ;)
  12. Harry Smiles

    Harry Smiles Well-Known Member

    I dealt with quite a few conference calls by nipping out of Space Ibiza for twenty minutes at 9am on weekday morning. Would have been very different with visual link, admittedly
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  13. Hellsbells

    Hellsbells World's best procrastinator

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine. Haven't you done well in Skype interviews in the past?
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  14. MickiQ

    MickiQ Well-Known Member

    I've done a few Skype interviews, I always wear a shirt and tie but I'm guessing you're female from your username? dress smartly or at least the bits of you they can see, look presentable as if you had gone to a real interview.
    Be mindful of what's in the background behind you since they can see that as well as you, ideally something neutral like a plain wall. I have a bookshelf with lots of technical manuals behind me when I face the webcam.
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  15. Harry Smiles

    Harry Smiles Well-Known Member

    Yup, I've always gone for a plain bold-coloured tie, half windsor knotted with crisp white shirt. Stockings and suspenders with the highest heels I can find out of shot, obviously.
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  16. pseudonarcissus

    pseudonarcissus fluttering and dancing

    The great thing is, that’s all you have to wear.

    If there are technical problems just keep your cool. We interviewed for an intern who was an ocean away. When we fucked up the connection he was unphased. He got the job.
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  17. marshall

    marshall Well-Known Member

    Heh, my daughter's final stage of a long-winded recruitment process was a Skype interview with the big bod, first question, 'tell me a joke'. Wankers.
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  18. two sheds

    two sheds Least noticed poster 2007

    Not for financial sector then.
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  19. miss direct

    miss direct misfungled

    I hope I get asked that! I only know one joke off by heart, and he will get that one, like it or not!
  20. miss direct

    miss direct misfungled

    So I have this skype business interview today, and another one on Zoom tomorrow. Uff. I will be an expert by the time this week is over!
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  21. Bavid Dowie

    Bavid Dowie Banned Banned

    If they ask you to tell a joke don't tell them the one about the magic dildo lol

    'magic dildo my arse'
  22. discobastard

    discobastard Well-Known Member

    This is what you should see on the invite - and if you don't have an account, which you don't, then the web app option should work for you.

  23. miss direct

    miss direct misfungled

    Done! Sound was a bit crappy but I'm glad I did my hair and wore something decent today. Seemed to go well - the interviewer asked some pointed questions about whether I'm permanently based in Istanbul (yes) and whether I'm flexible (yes) and available given notice (yes). So will wait and see.

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