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Sinead O'Connor's letter to Miley Cyrus


"You might be a lord but here comes the king."
As already pointed out, she has had a very successful career as a child, she has potential to make success in the pop world, why do something now you may regret in later life?

I think that was the message that Sinead was trying to get across.
Wasn't her career on the slide before all this recent clearly calculated contraversy?

Frances Lengel

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Sinead is closer to my age and my type. :)

Look, I'm a 41 year old man with two daughters who watched and laughed at hundreds of episodes of Miley's tv show. Then all of a sudden shes doing raunchy things on mtv. It would be perfectly normal and honest for me to have lots of different and contradictory thoughts and then settle on an opinion that I am comfortable with. A man of 21 who never saw the tv shows may not have quite so many contradictory thoughts.

Posting about these contradictions is not easy... it would be far easier to pretend to be absolutely right-on and all the while be thinking something completely different... firky, anyone? But its not honest.

What I think is perfectly normal for a man of my age and experiences. Whats weird is how quickly some people want to disrupt that kind of honesty with hasty accusations.
Don't worry about it mate - A similar thing happened to me when Emma Watson was recently voted sexiest female movie star and I happened to mention that I noticed she was fit in the first Harry Potter film and wondered why it took the world so long to catch up. And you should've seen the looks I got from some of my mates.
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I was dragged along to see Sinead O'Connor in about '89/90 at Hammersmith (Odeon I think) cos my gf's mate let her down at the last minute. The thought of listening to some arsey, middle-class, D4 pseud was not my idea of a good night out and I really did not want to go at all.

I have never been more wrong. She was fuckin mesmerising. I think every person in the crowd (male & female) thought she was singiging to and flirting with them personally.

At one stage she produced a ghetto blaster with some drum beats on it and did some h'aon, dó, trí's around it before singing 'I am stretched on your grave'. Everything about it was so wrong, so cheesy, so cringeworthy ... and cool as fuck.

Her mental issues later came as no surprise to me... I have only twice or thrice been in the presence of someone with so much energy and presence. Any period in which a person with that amount of creative energy is not creating will lead to mental implosion IMO.


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Ryan Tubridy has announced that they'll be sayin somethin about the Cyrus ting on the Late Late - as Sinead O'Connor fancies Ryan, she might turn up!!!:cool:

Boris Sprinkler

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edited out a load.

Basically it went catholic guilt, blah censorshit,

then i read it. Dick all fuss. she is right. Sinead is out of order to tread on a young person making their own mistakes. She never told me off when I was sniffing glue or homeless or gave me any fucking money. I dont see her introducing porn videos saying we should all look out for the girl and boy in the the video.

Talk about self promtion, Cant blame her. All gotta eat. I just wouldnt be some shameless on the tready tready


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im pleased that a successful female artist who never used her sexuality to get ahead has made it clear that you dont HAVE to do this....

it pisses me off to see Rhianna at al parading their tits n ass all over the shop. However they probably do it as a coverup for their shit music..


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what, you think the original letter was prompted by genuine concern for miley cyrus? well, maybe it was a little i dunno. but it seemed to me it was more about making a point about women in the music industry.
Sinead O'Connor is on the Late Late now, and this is exactly the point she was making.