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Sinead O'Connor


Where's me readers?
It's late, and I'm listening to an album by her for the first time in years

fuck the prince cover - that was commercial bollocks

she was one of the most talented singer/songwriters ever, imo

so come all, ye sinead lovers

what's your favourite album

lion and the cobra can't be beaten, but faith and courage comes a close second


Where's me readers?
this will almost certainly be a solo thread

but i'm just playing The Lion and the Cobra - i remember how i felt when i heard this as an 18 year old :cool:


i really like her but i've only heard the odd song by her and seen her on telly

i think she's really really beautiful as well


no llevar papel
Typical Urban75.

Show me a singer/songwriter these days with that kind of political steel. And that's not even her most outrageous moment. Fuck's sake.

two sheds

Least noticed poster 2007
I like her dad. After she refused to have the National Anthem played before one of her concerts and Frank Sinatra said he would like to "Kick her ass" i heard her dad said "Frank Sinatra couldn't get his foot high enough to kick her ass".


Elm Park Bencher
She was the most beautiful singer I have ever seen and heard, as small as, and draped in red lace from head to foot

Pity it was at the Aston Villa Leisure Centre



Singe Gainsbourg
'I Am Stretched On Your Grave' was one I always really loved, and generally, when everyone was pissed off at her and bitchin' and stuff, I just thought she was ace for all that.


what's my mission now?...
I've never known much of her music, but I just listened to for the first time in nearly twenty years. It really reminds me of my girlfriend from back then... :(:oops: