Shut away & threatened like animals: children with autism/ learning disabilities locked up for years

Discussion in 'UK politics, current affairs and news' started by MadeInBedlam, Oct 28, 2018.

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    That's horrific :mad:

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    Indeed :(
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    The mail doing something good for once by writing about this. I've seen quite a few family campaigns around this on social media over the years, its a total scandal, and utterly disgusting. Glad they mention Stephanie Bincliffe, who died of neglect in one of these units.

    They get to the crux of it too:
    [the mother of Eddie, one of the people locked away in this system said] Like others, she believes staff on the payroll of private units charging huge sums to the NHS have vested interest in renewing control orders.
    One leading group makes gross profit margins of 37 per cent while paying care staff from just £8.10 an hour.

    Eddie was first sent to St Andrew’s Healthcare, a specialist mental healthcare provider earning most of its revenue from the NHS.
    Although a charity, it handed its departed chief executive £929,000 in salary, bonuses and pension over the past two years and has 72 more staff on six-figure salaries.​

    The NHS spent £477.4 million in 2016 on people with learning disabilities in ATUs. Over the past decade, the proportion in private beds has risen from one-fifth to more than half, with four of the six key providers now ultimately owned by US hedge funds.
    ‘If national policy is to close many of these units, why are big corporations buying them up?’ asked Chris Hatton, professor of public health and disability at Lancaster University. ‘We need urgent transparency about what profits they make.’
    One British-owned ATU operator, which insists it has embraced the Government’s Transforming Care policies to discharge people from care, told me its ‘typical’ rate was £4,242 a week.
    Campaigners fear cash-strapped local authorities frustrate efforts [to discharge patients] since they take on post-discharge funding from the NHS.​
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    Difficult reading that. I'd say I'm surprised, but unfortunately I'm not. My brother has Autism and a learning disability. His last place said that he was non-verbal and they basically couldn't meet his needs. The next place are better and as we knew he is verbal and can communicate.

    Had that first place of had their way he would of been removed from the community altogether. :mad:
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    This is awful but after what I've been witness to over the last year the only surprise for me is that it's made the press.
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    The survivors and their families have put A LOT of work into getting exposure of these atrocities. Absolute heroes all of them
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    Shocking, only "liked" cos it needs the publicity.
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    Fears over the “inappropriate” treatment of children and young people with autism has prompted a review of hundreds of patients in a trust’s under pressure mental health service.

    Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust has confirmed it is reviewing the care of 1,400 patients within the children and adolescent mental health service it provides in Shropshire.

    Review of 1,400 patients after 'inappropriate' treatment concerns
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    I bet there's some profit being made somewhere.
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    In the Times as well.

    Firms cash in on psychiatric care crisis

    Firms cash in on psychiatric care crisis

    NHS is charged millions for substandard mental health services

    Some private companies are making huge profits from hospitals that do not meet standards of care
    Some private companies are making huge profits from hospitals that do not meet standards of care
    Companies and charities are making millions of pounds by treating NHS patients in psychiatric hospitals that are sometimes substandard and fail to provide adequate or safe care, an investigation by The Times has found.

    Thousands of patients are detained, sometimes against their will and in other cases for many years, in wards and units that inspectors say do not meet required standards of care.

    Fees charged to the NHS for psychiatric care can be as high as £13,000 a week for the most complex cases.

    The Times has found that some private companies behind these hospitals are making huge profits out of services that have been branded inadequate or in urgent need of improvement. In one case the directors of a psychiatric hospital providing substandard care to NHS patients were found to have paid almost £25 million into a secretive trust in Belize, payments that are being investigated by HM Revenue & Customs.

    The company received £26.3 million for services over 18 months in 2016-17. Its sole customers are the NHS in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    In another case, St Andrew’s Healthcare, a charity whose facilities include a private hospital where a 17-year-old girl was locked in a cell-like room with only a mattress and chair and passed meals through a hatch in the door, paid its chief executive, Gil Baldwin, £496,000 before he left last year, and 76 employees salaries of more than £100,000.

    Three psychiatric services run by the charity, and its overall services, had been judged in need of improvement.

    The revelations have prompted claims that private companies are being allowed to cash in on a crisis in care provision for those with mental health problems and learning disabilities.

    Sir Stephen Bubb, who conducted an inquiry after staff at Winterbourne View, a private hospital, were found to be abusing people with learning disabilities in 2011, said it was a scandal that vulnerable people were still held in secure units and poor conditions, rather than community settings. He said: “It’s truly shocking that private providers are cashing in on substandard care, paying themselves liberally on money from our NHS. These institutions should be closing, not expanding. Profiting from some of our most vulnerable citizens leaves a bad taste.”

    About 2,400 people with a learning disability or autism, including 250 children, are held in in-patient units, often because they have been detained under the Mental Health Act as a risk to themselves or others. Many more with mental illnesses are long-term patients in psychiatric wards. Their care costs are usually met by the NHS.

    Matt Hancock, the health secretary, announced an inquiry yesterday into the use of segregation and long-term seclusion in health and care settings, saying he had grown increasingly concerned about their use for people with autism and learning disabilities.

    The Care Quality Commission, which inspects care services, found failures at a string of psychiatric units run by private health providers. Overall, 22 per cent of private mental health services are not good enough, the same proportion as for the NHS.

    Failings at Cheswold Park Hospital in Doncaster included over-use of control and restraint on patients and medication errors. Despite the failings, its directors, Graham Rhoden, 73, Allen Levack, 67, and Richard Pearson, 60, have made payments totalling £24.9 million to a trust in Belize over the past seven years. These payments were described in annual accounts as “exceptional administrative expenses” and treated as deductible for corporation tax purposes. But the trust’s beneficiaries are “wives, husbands, widows, widowers, children, stepchildren and remoter issue” of people linked to the business. The trust can also make loans to people involved in the company.

    Money continued to be funnelled offshore in this way even though Riverside Healthcare, the company running the hospital, was warned in 2011 that HM Revenue & Customs had opened an inquiry into the payments to the trust and implications for corporation tax, PAYE and national insurance liabilities. The company is strongly defending its actions.

    Tony Gearty, its chief executive, said the trust had borrowed £22.3 million to build the hospital and two extensions and the sums were to repay the mortgages and interest, with almost £5 million still owed. The trust was set up offshore in line with advice at the time but was being unwound and the assets would transfer to a UK-based trust, he said.

    He said the HMRC inquiry was “a standard process” to look at whether all offshore activity was an eligible deduction for tax purposes.

    In men’s psychiatric wards run by St Andrew’s Healthcare in Northampton, the CQC found that records of patients held in seclusion had been altered retrospectively, and that segregated patients were reviewed daily by a nurse rather than an approved clinician, as required.
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    I'm new to this story, utter disgrace! :mad:

    BBC Breakfast asked Jeremy Hunt about this, this morning ... he was vague and evasive about what he'd actually do :rolleyes: but he did agree the situation was shocking and not acceptable. Proof of the pudding though etc. :hmm:
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    05DDA901-D2A9-4E38-8976-85745531E544.jpeg Discussed in parliament (That it being discussed feels like an achievement is itswkf crap, but still I’m glad forthinhs moving forward)

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    Patients whose condition deteriorated during their care. Care that cost £13,000 a week. I'd say that was failure on all fronts. Should be some criminal neglect somewhere, bet there aint though.
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    *I've edited the title so hopefully it makes more sense
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    “It’s an abomination. It’s manipulative abuse. The last sentence is especially chilling. They are spinning his experience. Just suppose his experience at the ATU isn’t okay. Where does that leave him psychologically? “They’ve told me this is okay. This doesn’t feel okay”. As his new home will possibly involve lots of medication, physical restraint and hours in seclusion, is it okay for the NAS to try and programme him into compliance.

    Let’s be frank, whoever wrote this social story wasn’t thinking about Linda’s son at all. It was done so that the school could feel better about themselves. A gloss to cover their shoddily abusive practice.

    When you think so little of the people you’re meant to be caring for, then anything goes.”
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    That's dreadful. Profit before care again.
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