Shout to the Klopp: Liverpool FC 18/19

Discussion in 'football' started by S☼I, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    Unless he inherits a team that's well better than everyone else and has billions to spend and can't lose, quite frankly, I'd rather he stay away, he's too emotionally attached.

    The Liverpool way (aka someone who's been in the boot room before) went once Houllier came in and sadly the game revolves around being an enterprise now, you get the best manager you possibly can, and at the moment as far as I'm concerned thats Klopp and you do whatever you can to secure his services for as long as Arsenal had Wenger.

    I can see it being Souness MkII (especially if he came straight from Rangers) if Gerrard came.
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  2. friedaweed

    friedaweed Sitting down for a wee

    I can't really see Gerrard becoming the manager. He'd have to show himself to be competent at a very high level before he'd even be considered and I'm not sure he's on a trajectory for that currently. Maybe one day if he learned his craft and had success abroad then yeah but I can't see it happening.

    Assistant coach under Jürgen maybe, which might well still be a plan, but he'll not walk into it from Rangers any time soon.

    We don't need anyone any :D
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  3. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

    Not a bad set of opening fixtures there. Home game against Norwich is a nice start to the campaign.

    Also home to Arsenal/Chelsea :thumbs: plus two winnable (on paper) away games
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  4. S☼I

    S☼I walk the water like a sun

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  5. Badgers

    Badgers Mr Big Shrimp!

    Oh yeah :D
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