shouldn't we plant billions of trees now? because

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    shouldn't we plant billions of trees now? because

    oxygen level since 1990


    and there are more than 2000 species of trees with edible fruits and nuts and berries

    trees produce 21 Million calories per acre

    trees produce oxygen and wealth and wildlife habitat and food and timber.

    cows produce 1 Million calories per acre

    cows produce

    Methane which is 30 times higher effect heat-trapping greenhouse gas
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    No, not for that reason - that’s a change of less than a few hundredths of a percent (cf atmospheric CO2 which has risen around 40% since the pre-industrial era). Loss of atmospheric oxygen is not an issue. Over the last 800000 years it has dropped 0.7% (DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf5445) - this is less than the difference between oxygen counts in a given volume of air at the foot and top of the Centre Point building (it’s about equivalent to the change just over half way up).

    Planting trees to help remove pollutants from the air, to enrich ecosystems and to help improve water management are good reasons. Note - phytoplankton in the oceans produce the bulk of atmospheric oxygen, not trees, whilst the overwhelming bulk of planetary oxygen is locked up in rocks.

    PS Just to add, as per the referenced paper, carbon dioxide is regulated by silicate weathering over timescales of hundreds of thousands to millions of years (unfortunately in the industrial era we are greatly skewing this on timescales of decades) and this is likely a slow sink for atmospheric oxygen.
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    But the UK needs hundreds of thousands of new homes.....doesn't it?
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    There needs to be a 2hats app, I reckons.
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    Log cabins

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