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Second hand camera recommendation for under £250

Discussion in 'photography, graphics & art' started by Idaho, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Mr.Bishie

    Mr.Bishie In solidarity with the people of Catalonia

    When I'm not up to my eyes in paint, we should go for a photo walk :)
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  2. sealion

    sealion If you can't dance just nod your head

    I was going to call you mate as i need a few tips and a bit of help with what does what.
  3. Mr.Bishie

    Mr.Bishie In solidarity with the people of Catalonia

    Will pm you in the week mate :)
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  4. Idaho

    Idaho blah blah blah

    First play with the Olympus PL-6:

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  5. Idaho

    Idaho blah blah blah

  6. Idaho

    Idaho blah blah blah

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  7. Idaho

    Idaho blah blah blah

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  8. Stanley Edwards

    Stanley Edwards Food please.

  9. Idaho

    Idaho blah blah blah

    Got myself a nice Pentax 25mm with a micro 4/3 converter ring (therefore 50mm) manual lens off fleabay for £30. Flipping great it is too. I wasn't sure about getting a manual - but then remembered that all my fujica stuff was manual in the 80s - and that was when film was expensive. For the first play (portraits of my family eating tea) I just set it to multi shot and got the focus set - then rattled off 10 shots per attempt, moving out and back a little as I did.

    The secret to good photos - taking loads and throwing most away.

    The experience has lead me to sniping a possible bargain (if it works and is in the advertised condition). A 4/3 (not micro) olympus telephoto 40-180 for £36.
  10. ViolentPanda

    ViolentPanda Hardly getting over it.

    You'll need a 4/3rds to Micro 4/3rds converter.
  11. Idaho

    Idaho blah blah blah

    Winging its merry way from Hong Kong... Eventually :)
  12. Idaho

    Idaho blah blah blah

    The old Pentax lens is a beaut. And playing around with manual focus is fun. The zoom in/focus helper is really useful on the PL6.

    It means that you could pick up a PL5 body for £150 and an old manual lens (plus adapter) like this one for £30 or so - and get really nice snaps for well under £200.
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  13. Idaho

    Idaho blah blah blah

    The lens adapter for the 4 3 tele finally arrived and seems to be working fine. Seems to auto focus... But won't know how well until I take it out at the weekend. The lens was £38 from ebay and the adapter was £14 from the same. A total bargain surely?

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  14. Idaho

    Idaho blah blah blah

    Garden goldfinches with the Tele. Not the greatest image. But not too bad. Focussing is a bit tricky.
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  15. dweller

    dweller muthafuckin snakes

    Nice one Idaho, I really enjoy using micro 43rds cameras.
    The Olympus's take appealing photos straight out of the camera without need for adjustment.
    Good stuff.

    You can try the touchscreen for focus and shooting. I often forget to do that. Quite handy for pinpointing quickly.
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