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'Scooploop - The Neighbourhood Network'.... with fake reviews


I've been approached by this lot. They're a 'self funded' startup but I'm trying to find out how they intend to finance this project. Opinions?
Scooploop is a friendly and safe place to communicate with the people who live nearby you. It’s a great way to discover everything happening nearby, all in one place, without compromising your privacy.

We strive to help you build bonds with your neighbours, find advice on which local businesses and tradesmen are worth spending your money on, lend a hand with local projects and have genuine conversations about local matters.

So if you’re frustrated with trying to find the correct Facebook page to ask about local planning, or trawling through Google to find the information you need, then Scooploop may be the right website for you.

We connect you to other local people so you have a simple, fast and friendly way to find and share the information you care about.

Need more info? Check out our FAQ page or email us: support@scooploop.com
Scooploop - Where Neighbours Become Friends



So it's a new 'community' website promoting itself with fake reviews using photo library images.


Meet Susan. No, Julia. No, Leita. Etc etc.



So like "nextdoor" then? Full of lost cats etc.
They wanted me to 'form a working relationship' with them but declined to tell me who was funding the company, how it would sustain itself and why they were using fake reviews. And then they deleted the FB post where I brought this up. But I'd already screengrabbed it.