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    I don't know how many urbs have availed themselves of this kind of thing, but thought it'd be worth a thread... There are actually quite a few of these about, of varying levels of accessibility. I only have direct experience of one, and know someone who did another, so will stick to those.

    Study in China, Confucius institute scholarship
    Sadly right out of the gate most or Urban doesn't qualify as there's an age limit of 35. That said for those with grown up kids, or actual young urbans, this is pretty good. I did one year of study at Nanjing university... It was pretty amazing.

    Length: 4 week, one semester (In east Asia universities tend to be structured on a two semester system), one year (~ 11 months, Sept-Jan, then March-June). Bachelors and masters programmes also available.

    Requirements: Must apply when you're 35 or under. Generally you need to be studying with a Confucius institute (this isn't strenuous, couple of hours of evening classes a week, ~£120/term) as they will be linked to particular Chinese universities and get preferential treatment. You'll find Confucius Institutes in many university towns, they're usually linked to some extent.

    You also need to hit various exam scores depending on the heading you're applying under, and for how long. As a guide you could probably apply for a one year scholarship after a couple of years of study.

    Here's a link to my local Confucius Institute, which covers the basics.

    What it funds: Tuition costs, living costs and accommodation (provided you want to live in a student dorm). Living allowance was quite generous, I think about £280/month. If you don't want to live on campus they do give you an extra allowance, but it won't go far (I think it was about £70). There are many opportunities for work though... you can legally teach if you're a student (after a lengthy application process), and it's well paid (starting at about £20 an hour). I'm not quite sure whether you're supposed to on a scholarship mind you. But I did. You'll need to pay for flights and other transport, and - if living off campus - will definitely need more money to cover rent, and at least some to get settled before the scholarship money comes in.

    Churchill Trust
    Yes, that cunt. Oh well... The interesting thing about this funding is that it's very open-ended. It does need to be a research project that in some way benefits the uk but... No age limit, wide categories and you don't necessarily need to be working in the field you're applying under. I might do this at some point, in which case I'll expand this a bit.

    Length: Generally 6-8 weeks, but depends on project.

    Requirements: UK citizen and passport, project must have some wider benefit within the UK. Must apply under one of the following heads:

    (Last two categories aren't categories as such, just advice on how to apply for those types of people). As you can see it's pretty broad... See website for other requirements. But broadly obviously quite a few other people will be applying (site says 1500 applicants, 150 fellowships), so you need to have a decent project to undertake, and a clear idea of how you'd go about it.

    Generally expected to travel to more than one country (although I think the guy I know was just in Japan - studying furniture techniques), also not too many continents.

    What it funds: Pretty comprehensive; Flights, internal travel, food and accommodation.
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