Save Lambeth Libraries and the Carnegie Library occupation

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by save_r_library, Nov 4, 2015.

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    From what I have been told at meetings the gym library at Carnegie is being done under the existing leisure contract Lambeth has with GLL/Better.

    I don't understand how they can expand and alter contract to do this. But they have. The gym library at Carnegie isn't under its own contract.

    Officers are starting to have to cozy relationship with GLL. Officers should be stringently holding GLL to high standards of service.

    My recent impression at meetings is that when GLL are questioned over service quality officers don't take critical stance towards GLL.
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    Here's the new opening hours. Note the pathetic amount of cover provided by library staff.

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    Anyone go to the meeting yesterday? Anything useful come out of it?
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    libraries need librarians more than councils need councillors.
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    Someone should complain to HLF about that...
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    Damning update:

    “CULTURE 2020 A FINANCIAL DISASTER” – Defend the Ten
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    Here is the latest on the library. I remain confused about what each organisation is and what its responsibilities are. Friends of Carnegie are the non lambeth ones, right? They announce an increase in opening hours but there's no detail on how this has come about. Have extra funds become available somehow?
    DSC_0070_crop_423x564.JPG _20190818_122631_crop_367x525.JPG
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