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Discussion in 'Brixton' started by bimble, Dec 3, 2015.

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    Yep. Guardians = the council gets some income whilst the playground is shut. Also means that any effort to re-open, for a Summer play scheme in the short term, will need to get an 'ok' from the Guardian company.

    Anyone who has knowledge of running play schemes or contacts in the world of playgrounds, or might be willing to help get the wooden equipment back in good condition please say, or send Pm. Or come to tomorrow's meeting.
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    I was looking up housing in Notting hill and came across this doc on adventure playground in Notting Hill. It must be one of the early ones. Interview the children who use it. It's old. Some things have changed some haven't. Shows the need for these spaces in a city. The way they cater for large age group and how they bring people together. Pity Lambeth Council gave forgotten this.
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    Some updates on what had been happening.

    A survey has shown that the APG is basically sound. With about £500 needed plus some volunteers to do remedial works. Don't know date yet for this.

    Grant funding has been applied for.

    Some updates on what had been happening.

    A stuctural survey has shown that the APG is basically sound. With about £500 needed plus some volunteers to do remedial works. Don't know date yet for this.

    Grant funding has been applied for summer use.

    Save the Grove Adventure Playground - the next meeting

    Grove Adventure Playground Update
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    Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 09.48.54.png
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    Excellent :thumbs:
    (i can't make this Saturday but will be at the following two volunteer days.)
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    Clearing the entrance to the APG and starting to repaint it. 20170624_112019.jpg


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    Helen Hayes MP came along. Photo of some who helped. Helen third from left. 20170624_112307.jpg
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    Looking through the fence.

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    20170624_124314.jpg The front entrance has this painting. Its getting a bit worn.

    Does anyone know a street artist who might like to do a new painting?

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  11. Gramsci

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    There will be more volunteer days.
  12. Gramsci

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  13. bimble

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    Bump: two move volunteer days coming up, tomorrow and Saturday.
    The playground will be temporarily re-opened for a Saturday Play Scheme this Summer holidays and we need to get it all up to standard and tidy in time for that starting in a couple of weeks. Please come even if you can only spare an hour or two.

    Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 10.21.13.png
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  15. bimble

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    Brilliant thank you :thumbs:
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  16. bimble

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    Quick, i'm bringing tea in a minute. Lovely day for working with your hands outdoors. :)

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  17. Gramsci

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    20170708_122905.jpg 20170708_130001.jpg

    Today working on Adventure playground
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  18. Gramsci

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    Had a good day painting and bit of carpentry. Good to see bimble

    Got a lot of interest from passers by.
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  19. bimble

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    The beginnings of a website: mysite

    Tomorrow, Saturday 15th, I'll be there from 10am - if anyone is available to come and help do some more work on the site please come along. Bring paint if you can get your hands on any!
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  21. editor

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  22. bimble

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    Bit rainy for painting today but will be there anyway.
    Please anybody who is interested in developments as the time draws near to re-opening the playground sign up for news by subscribing at the bottom of this page here .
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    Local skip hire firm donated two skips. Which we filled up. Lot of old wood and rubbish that had collected over the years. Playground looks lot better. 20170715_103130.jpg 20170715_105531.jpg 20170715_103618.jpg 20170715_124627.jpg
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  24. bimble

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    There's a meeting 6.30pm this evening at the playground (Gordon Grove, just off Minet Road) to discuss both immediate and longer term plans.
    Open to all, please come if you can, we do need more people.
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  25. Gramsci

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  26. bimble

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    I love this place.

    We plan to re-open for the free summer play scheme on Saturday 5th August.

    There will be jerk chicken and hopefully a bouncy castle, to celebrate.
  27. shygirl

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    This is fantastic, well done guys! :)
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  28. Gramsci

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    I was there yesterday helping out. More people were dropping by to see what is going on.

    I had some interesting chats. With people who grew up in LJ. People who used it when they were younger. For them it was an an important part of there growing up. It was home from home. Then it was open most days. The staff knew all of them well. When they grew up there children used it. It was then an integral part of the local community. Back then it did all sorts of activities. One brought his nieces and nephews to have a look. They loved it.

    The APG has a long history which is rembered fondly by the older locals. They would like to see it used like it was years ago. As one said there are a lot of parents with young children who need a facility like this.

    One recalled the local MP Marcus Lipton. The Youth Centre next door is named after him. He said he did a lot for local people living here.

    I also met a couple of mothers with young children who want somewhere for there children to go. There is a lack of facilities for young children in the area.

    All convinced me its right to try and keep the APG.

    I wished the Labour Cllrs had heard all this. One of the Council's arguments for getting rid of it is that there is little demand in the area for a facility like this. The Labour party should get out more and talk to people. Imo the reason for the Labour party should be to campaign and stick up for the less well. Defend facilities like this. Not get rid of them. Once the APG is gone it's gone for good.

    It's been an uphill struggle to get this far and persuade the Council to let us have it for the summer. Credit to
    bimble and Anthea of LJAG for the time they have been putting into this.

    The long term future of the APG is still in doubt.
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    That's a great film :)
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  30. bimble

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    We really need volunteers to help us make this work .

    We’re opening this Saturday (5th August) for a free Family Fun Day.
    The aim is to bring the community together and spread the word about this lovely local facility which is at risk of being permanently lost should the council proceed with their plans to turn the site into housing.

    Following this event, at which all are welcome, we badly need to find a few good volunteers to assist at the following 5 Saturdays, when we will be open from 10am to 4pm.

    Adventure Playgrounds require a high ratio of adult supervisors to children playing, and as a small voluntary group we are unable to pay for sufficient staff to ensure that everyone has a safe fun time whilst in the space.

    Please, if you - or your friends - might be willing to volunteer your time to assist our professional Play Workers and ensure that as many children as possible get to enjoy the facility.

    If you are willing to offer your time we would be truly grateful. It would make all the difference in ensuring that Grove APG is a safe and welcoming place able to accommodate as many local children as possible.

    Please click on the link below to let us know if you are willing to help:
    Volunteer Application Form
    If you're not sure exactly which dates you’re available please don’t worry we can arrange nearer the time.
    Thank you !
    facebook: @GroveAdventurePlayground
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