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Discussion in 'protest, direct action and demos' started by Sirena, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Sirena

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    I posted this elsewhere but I think it merits its own thread.

    Wandsworth Council is planning to chainsaw down an avenue of 50 mature Sweet Chestnut trees!

    The avenue is 150 years old, is a magnificent major feature of the Common, and was planted to replace trees that were originally planted to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth I.

    A couple of years ago, the Council commissioned an expert report on the Avenue and the report said that, while the majority of trees were healthy, some had canker. Despite the fact that a tree with canker can live on for decades and despite the fact that the majority of the trees are totally healthy, the Council has voted for destruction of the whole Avenue.

    Put a price on urban trees – and halt this chainsaw massacre | Patrick Barkham

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  3. Spymaster

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  4. Sirena

    Sirena Don't monkey with the buzzsaw

    The Council have only had experts look at 6 of the trees and found 5 healthy and one with canker. The reason they are chopping them down is that they have £45,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

    This Facebook page (if you have FB) gives a lot of information...

    Friends of Tooting Common
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  5. Manter

    Manter Lunch Mob

    It's a bit of a nightmare.... god knows how you stop wanton vandalism like this
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  7. scifisam

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    What shitheads. 5 out of 6 trees healthy is not enough. Hope they don't get away with it.
  8. Casual Observer

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    Having had an unfortunate incident with a rotten willow tree falling against the house I was living in when I grew up, I wasn't against the removal of the chestnut trees. Having now walked along what was chestnut avenue and is now semi-mature lime avenue, I'd say visually it's a vast improvement - much more space, more to see, feels a bit like Hyde Park. It'll be interesting to see how the trees develop over the coming years.
  9. scifisam

    scifisam feck! arse! girls! drink!

    Hyde Park's a bit shit, though. Great location and I like the lake bit it's very bare and boring compared to all the other big London parks. So that's pretty damning of this road really.
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