Saudi Arabia chosen to head human rights panel whilst sentencing citizen to crucifixion

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    That would be the Capital Punishment (Amendment) Act of 1868. It ended public executions, forcing them to be done within prison walls although whether reporters attended was left to individual prison governors. It wasn't until the 1910's that reporters were finally barred from witnessing hangings. The problems with public executions were many and varied. Drunkenness, theft, pickpocketing, violence and suchlike were standard practice among spectators and there was always a fear that the prisoner's friends and/or family might try and stop a hanging by freeing the prisoner. Doing the job within a prison improved security and allowed authorities total control over how the job was done, who attended and generally led to execution becoming an orderly, almost clinical affair. It evolved from a crude, disorderly public spectacle to a professionally-run affair done with clinical precision.
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    Personally I don't think we the enlightened people have changed as much as we'd like to think: I reckon if there were still public hangings at Marble Arch there'd still be crowds of Londoners with packed lunches enjoying the show.

    More to the point (on whether or not lifetime prison sentences let alone hidden executions are morally superior) I think Foucault is worth the effort (even though saying his name is to come out as a vintage social science twat)
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    Saudi Arabia executes a bus load of people - some of them for merely criticising the regime, and one a leading Shia dissident in what looks like a move calculated to inflame tensions with Iran.

    Deafening silence from western governments who continue to suck up to this utterly disgusting regime. The hypocrisy is as sickening as it is predictable.
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    Problem is, we've sold them all our best weapons.
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  6. coley

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    Iran seems extremely pissed off.
  7. gosub

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    The Shia's in Saudi who live in relative poverty on top of the majority of the oil are none to pleased either.
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    Hundreds of shia were killed in Nigeria in december by the army with up to 1000 people dead and there's a suggestion that saudi arabia had a hand in the massacre

    Shias accuse Nigerian police of killing protesters,

    Just watched the video, this is official propaganda by the saudi government but the way they're talking about 'r*****h' it might as well be isis.
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  9. coley

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    IMO,we ain't seen nothing yet, It's going to end up in total war, Sunni and their mates V the Shia's and theirs,the various conflicts we are seeing at the minute is just various factions 'jockeying' for position.
    Once the various alliances are sorted and cemented then the Shyte will really hit the fan.
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    In an age when entertainment was mainly some local capable of playing the piano in the corner of the pub. Not that I'd say the 'value' of them being public is in entertainment, its the whole justice being seen to be done thing, and being able to judge how dystopian your society has got.
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    From last year

    Mr Nimr was careful not to incite violence, telling protesters to use peaceful means only. He also insisted that Sunnis as well as Shias were victims of similar repression, condemning the Iranian-backed regime of Bashar Assad in Syria in the same breath as the ruling Al Khalifa family of Bahrain. But such blanket denunciations of tyranny may be exactly what angered the Saudi authorities. When police arrested Mr Nimr in July, 2012, they claimed, unconvincingly, that the four bullet wounds he received in his leg had been the result of an exchange of gunfire.
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  15. frogwoman

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  16. FridgeMagnet

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    A couple more missiles, they'll have killed more than that in Yemen. Doesn't take long.
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  18. brogdale

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    Looks like street-lights to me?
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  20. not-bono-ever

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    Not sure if anyone ever checks this lot out - its usually pretty dry PR bluster, but have a look at the official statements emerging- lots of repeated religious justification for the executions, Iran diplomats called to court, Pakistan giving support to the executions. Oh, and the English PL results. They are rattled by this- no mentions of Qatif bother either

    saudi Press agency
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    Apart from all that smoke (and you know what they say about smoke).
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    Iran IRGC vows "harsh revenge" against Saudi over execution of Nimr; calls it part of "Zionist conspiracy"

  24. frogwoman

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  25. ItWillNeverWork

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    I've only just this second turned on today's news (by which I mean logged onto U75). Basically, is shit about to get real fucked up real quick here? Is this as serious as I think it is?
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    From that link.
    I can't find that anywhere on his website, or any reference to the executions. Has it been quietly removed or am I looking in the wrong place?
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    It wasn't that long ago they were executing drug traffickers by chucking their execution papers in front of them as they knelt on the floor, then shooting them in the back of the head before billing their relatives for the cost of the bullet. Not sure if this still happens.
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    Has there been any word on his nephew?
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    Qatif is the main East Coast Shia stronghold. It was tge scene of an uprising in 1979, after which the citadel and most of the historic centre was razed

    1979 Qatif Uprising - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Edited to add this link, which was one of the few to mention the physical destruction of the old centre of Qatif
    Faith at War
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    Short biographies from Saudi newspaper Arab news of Nimr and one of the Sunnis executed

    Who was Fares Al-Shuwail?

    Who was Nimr Baqir Al-Nimr?

    Neither of them real character assasinations that would make these killings seem acceptable. Odd, as I would have expected harsher comments.

    I suppose we'll see in the next few weeks what the internal repercussions of this are.
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