Ryanair dredge a new low

Discussion in 'transport' started by editor, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Is it news that you have to pay to check baggage on Ryanair? If that upsets you sit back...

    Easyjet, Monarch, Jet2, FlyBe, Wizz Air, Air France, SN Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian, Alitalia, Swiss, LOT, SAS, Aer Lingus, Air Baltic, Finnair, Vueling, TAP, Aegean in Europe, AA, United, Delta, Virgin Ameria in the US and so on throughout the world....ALL CHARGE TO CHECK IN BAGS.
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  2. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Not what they want but what is good for them

    Ukrainian and the likes of jet2 basic tickets are with no luggage apart from a 6kg max carry on IIRC ( and they often weigh it ) - its extra for any checked in baggage
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  3. 2hats


    Jet2 never bothered weighing my carry-on a couple of months ago, though I only ever travel with a small knapsack (typically weighs around 8kg fully packed) that can fit under the seat, for trips up to 2 weeks.

    Just taking an 'under-seat sized' bag makes life so much easier (there’s always the option of sticking a few items in coat pockets where needed, of course) - no having it taken off you at the gate, no fighting for overhead storage space, everything within reach, straight off the plane with it and out the terminal (and yes, I can still stretch my legs out past it).
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  4. Thimble Queen

    Thimble Queen Sparkly cat whisperer

  5. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Not what they want but what is good for them

    Interesting approach that Ryanair take, just like the Catholic church, it makes the basic concepts subject to constant reinterpretation and the core rules hard to understand and virtually impossible to master. They may as well rewrite their site in impenetrable archaic latin for full effect
  6. Supine

    Supine Rough Like Badger

    What!!!! Madness
  7. A380

    A380 How do I change this 'custom title' thing then?

    "Will that be poking or non-poking sir?"
  8. mx wcfc

    mx wcfc Well-Known Member

    Randomly cancelling 2% of your flights is surely a step up in Ryanair's race to the bottom.

    Ryanair to cancel 40-50 flights per day

    Little Miss mx is flying Ryanair tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Biggest worry is that she flies out but can't get back.

    Perhaps their next ploy will be to sell lottery tickets. Buy a ticket for £1, and you may get a flight, you may not. One way, of course.

  9. 400,000 people having their flights cancelled, cos Ryanair is too tight to employ the correct number of staff to cover their operation.

    Refunds of tickets are one thing, but getting £100 back and having to spend £400 on a last minute replacement with another is something else, which you should have no trouble winning back via the small claims courts, if you could be bothered.
  10. not-bono-ever

    not-bono-ever Not what they want but what is good for them

    this is gonna cost them EUR 25m+ apparently
  11. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    I'm surprised at Ryanair because generally they are pretty damn efficient. Someone's head will be on the chopping block for not forseeing the consequences of moving their leave year all in one go. Should have staggered it slowly.

    Where I used to work your leave year was based on your birthday. This staggered leave so there was never an end of year rush of the entire workforce looking to use up leave. It was spread throughout the year.
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  12. Teaboy

    Teaboy It definitely looks brighter over there..

    I also note that Ryanair's punctuality (one of their major promotional points) has gone to shit recently. Of course that will be nothing to do with their vindictive seating policy. All those people changing seats and confusion over where their luggage is in the plane will be having no effect at all.
  13. mx wcfc

    mx wcfc Well-Known Member

    Well, my daughter flew yesterday. Just about whether she gets back now.

    It seems Ryanair are losing pilots to Norwegian, who are stirring things up in the low cost market.

    That said it does sound like a fuck up of monumental proportions. We changed our holiday year recently- we were given another years holiday entitlement half way through our year.

    Everyone is happy and no probs at work. This sounds like an HR person and an FD finding a "solution" that works for them and their spreadsheets without asking the business.
  14. paolo

    paolo Well-Known Member

    Not sure what their industrial relations are like now, but a long time back they were at war with their pilots. Their attitude was, if you don't like it, piss off. At the time they were a major hire of low-hour pilots who would have found it difficult to get a job elsewhere, so their bullying was working for the year or two I was following the saga.

    Maybe Norwegian are the first to give them some competition in that particular job market.
  15. mx wcfc

    mx wcfc Well-Known Member

    I read somewhere that most of their pilots are self employed contractors/personal service companies, in which case Ryanair deserves all the shit it gets for bypassing PAYE rules..
  16. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    More likely the pilots are dodging the 40% tax rate by providing their services via their own Ltd company and taking dividends.
  17. Utter bollocks.
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  18. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    I know two people who do this. Not pilots but in that pay bracket (50-100k) where you earn enough to pay 40% tax but not enough to not care that you are.

    One was told by his employer that he might like to do it and recommended an accountant to set it all up for him.

    The other is in a group that takes turns in being the director as they bankrupt the company every couple of years for tax reasons.
  19. If you form a limited company as a pilot, which is what you would have to do as you would only have one customer, (Ryanair in this case), any money paid by the airline is company income and after the minimal expenses it would be profit, on which corporation tax must be paid. Then you have to pay dividend tax on anything you draw, (32.5%, there used to be a 10% rebate, that has been scrapped this year), the advantage is you don't pay NI (emoloyee or employer), which after you take the dividend tax and corporation tax in to account doesn't save you very much over PAYE, add in accounts' fees and unless you are well north of £100k there is no benefit to doing this. And Ryanair pilots are not taking north of £100k.
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  20. paolo

    paolo Well-Known Member

    FWIW: Tax benefit of running stuff via dividends was hugely capped a year or so ago.

    edit: Bahnhof explains better above.
  21. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery

    Oh they've changed it have they?!

    That's good to some extent. Cutting tax dodging. However, it's a shame that those at £100k++ incomes will still benefit and it's mainly the little guy (although in this instance not so little) gets shafted.

    That might be another reason pilots are legging it to Norweigian. Loss of their uk tax break. Some preferential tax set up they can get by putting their home base as Norway perhaps?
  22. Your £100k++ have been hit, losing the rebate makes quite a difference.

    And I would imagine Norwegian is a better company to work for, they are certainly a better company to fly with, IMO best airline in Europe in economy, and they also seemed to have cracked the low-cost long haul market too, not sure if Norway is a low tax jurisdiction though, not sure that it is.
  23. cybershot

    cybershot Well-Known Member

    My mates been cancelled. Holiday ruined. Gutted for her, but also staying well out of her way.... hell hath no fury
  24. joustmaster

    joustmaster offcumdun

    how many people will refuse to use them again, though?
    I'm sure all of them will say they won't. But i'm not sure what they will do when faced with three times the price for a BA flight...
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  25. Thimble Queen

    Thimble Queen Sparkly cat whisperer

    My mates are due over her from south london next weekend. We are all going to be incredibly fucked off if their flight gets cancelled, we've been looking forward to this for months. Honestly fuck Ryanair. I hate Easy Jet as well but they are definitely getting my custom next time I need a cheapo flight.
  26. joustmaster

    joustmaster offcumdun

    Even if its a lot more expensive?
  27. 1927

    1927 Funnier than he thinks he is.

    Thing is by the time you add in the out of town airports, being charged extra for everything, BA are not 3 times the price and sometimes are even cheaper.
  28. pinkmonkey

    pinkmonkey 2.4 hour party person

    IME it doesn't tend to be. Am coming back from Italy on Weds, cost me £30. I usually manage to avoid Ryanair. I really cannot stand that airline, once you've added in the transfers from the arse end of nowhere, they can be more expensive. I also hate Stanstead, which makes avoiding them even easier.
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  29. pinkmonkey

    pinkmonkey 2.4 hour party person

    Yeah, I flew BA when I came over here, reasonable price and from London city airport, price of a travelcard to get there, through passport control in 15 mins and wait in a very plush lounge with phone chargers at every seat.
  30. joustmaster

    joustmaster offcumdun

    I just went to check an example of a BA and a ryanair flight.
    I searched a weekend in December London to Barcelona.
    One was £17 and the other £33

    Now i might be going to Barcelona :D

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