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Rugby World Cup Japan, 2019 - predictions, chat and news


Fail we may ...
gutted for the thousands of casual fans who hoped this morning that England would win
... and all the grassroots players and fans who aren't posh cunts. I know everyone outside of England thinks everyone involved with Rugby here is a red trouser wearing/twin-set and pearls lawyer or city type, but they really fucking aren't.

Final thoughts from me on the the game; we looked all at sea from the off. It was a nervy start for both teams but once the scrum started creaking and we started to ship points, we really never got back into it. As everyone does under pressure, we reverted to type and then the basics went ... and that was that.
Simple psychology really innit? Same as NZ last week, they never recovered from the 90 second try, after that we were in their heads.

Overall, I thought it was a great world cup and at least it wasn't an NH final. However, yes, share all the concerns about what it means overall.

Still, good news story for SA, they need it. As a country that is.