Royal Veteran/Loughborough Park Tavern on Coldharbour Lane/ Moorlands Rd SW9

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    Architects plan of new Loughborough Park Tavern (front view)

    Apparently the firm who produced the design for the rebuilt pub was Eedle and Meyers of 8 Railway Approach Southwark. They did several south London local pubs including the Dover Castle, Little Surrey Street and the Larkhall Tavern, in Clapham. They were known for producing garish and well ornamented line drawings of proposals for potential customers - such as the one here. No doubt Lord Sugar would appreciate their chutzpah. Information and picture from an old book on London Pubs (Girouard, Yale University Press 1984) - must have bought it in a sale at Index Book shop when it was in Atlantic Road where Argos is now.
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    Great work! I'll add it to the article now (I hope that's Ok).
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    Another glimpse of the elusive pub, just before demolition. It's on the right boarded up. The view is looking down Moorland Road, Loughborough Park as was.
    loughborough park tavern.jpg
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    Taken around 1926 as the name is wh Johnson above door.
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    Yes it's a shame lol. But I did read them a few years back when trying to find out more about the address i grew up at (Loughborough park) some of the articles are amazing! Deaths murders thief's hiding job offers .darts teams.

    Sounds like a tough old place! I do remember some of the shops across the road like fells electrics. Archie's greengrocers. The chipshop And the little old lady that run the post office. I remember the wood post for the pub sign near the crossing but the barrier block was just being built so it was just before my time. I see the picture on a few years back and only see the posts on finding info about the pub a few days back so I thought I should add it asap! Hope it helped with the mystery!

    Also if you look at the photo you can see the cellar flaps slightly on the left of the building and if you compare with the demolition picture you can see where the cellar flaps brickwork is so the exact position of the building can be seen .
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