Robert Redford retires

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  1. butcher

    butcher boner at the ready

    Robert Redford's 10 greatest film roles

    OK article but a big mistake missing Jeremiah Johnson out of his top 10 films IMO.

    He is the sort of actor that i miss from the 70s, like Dustin Hoffman, John Voight, Bruce Dern etc

    A bit left field, intense but human and with some humour, very natural interpretations of their roles. I am getting old, but who now can hold a candle to him and Paul Newman at their hight?
  2. Poi E

    Poi E Pessimism: a valuable protection against quackery.

    He's no Paul Newman. And Hoffman was always doing the same mumbling schtick. Tootsie, jesus christ.
  3. butcher

    butcher boner at the ready

    I meant the Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy, Marathon Man and Little Big Man. You are deffo right with tootsie tho', I'd blanked that turkey :)
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  4. Sprocket.

    Sprocket. Fishing in the River of Life....

    Loved Redford in The Natural.
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  5. Reno

    Reno The In Kraut

    It's considered of the best comedies ever made and Hoffman gets to poke fun at his image as a difficult method actor.
  6. Gromit

    Gromit International Man of Misery Banned

    Fake news.
  7. JimW

    JimW 支那暗杀团

    At last, my chance has come.
  8. Poi E

    Poi E Pessimism: a valuable protection against quackery.

    Have you seen it recently? It has not aged at all well. Hoffman doing humour is a laborious exercise, unless it's unintentional, like in Rainman.
  9. Reno

    Reno The In Kraut

    Yes, I have. I still think it's great. Hoffman doesn't really do humor in it, he plays Dorothy as totally sincere. That's why the performance works.
  10. Reno

    Reno The In Kraut

    As to Redford, he's never made much of an impression on me, good or bad, though he's been in a few great movies. He was good in the recent(ish) All is Lost.
  11. Poi E

    Poi E Pessimism: a valuable protection against quackery.

    the real question is at what age did Redford start wearing a hair unit.

    Best role for Hoffman was Marathon Man, where having his teeth drilled represented the experience of the audience.
  12. Reno

    Reno The In Kraut

    I too have been distracted by his luscious, never greying hair as he got older. I suppose he embodied the height of 70s handsomeness and felt he had to maintain some of it. At least he never got a scary facelift like Burt Reynolds.
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  13. nuffsaid

    nuffsaid But this goes up to 11

    Three Days of the Condor - loved it.
  14. gosub

    gosub ~#

    I can't think of a film role of his I didn't enjoy watching. And Sundance did a LOT for the film industry too.
  15. Reno

    Reno The In Kraut

    One film not on the list which is very good is The Candidate from 1972 and Redford was perfectly cast in that. I've also always liked The Great Waldo Pepper, which was a flop at the time. I like it even better now for the spectacular way Susan Sarrandon dies in it, considering I find her absolutely unbearable these days.
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  16. Poi E

    Poi E Pessimism: a valuable protection against quackery.

    The Candidate was a good un.
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  17. Nine Bob Note

    Nine Bob Note Feck the Halls

    My spinster form tutor at school was obsessed with him. Photos of him pinned to the ceiling of the classroom, even :D
  18. butcher

    butcher boner at the ready

    Great film. I was a teenage twerp reading Richard Bachs Illusions when I first saw it and it made a big impression on me.

    Mind you, so did "Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines"

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  19. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    The Sting is my favourite :)
  20. Nanker Phelge

    Nanker Phelge Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

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  21. DexterTCN

    DexterTCN Official Twitter Liaison Officer

    I always thought Twilight Zone was his first part but apparently not.

    The intro to Butch and Sundance is just 90 seconds of his face, it's great.


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