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RIP Ray Wilkins, Chelsea, Manchester United, Rangers and England midfielder

Discussion in 'football' started by Jack Black, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. sealion

    sealion Conscientious selector

    He had a stint with us as a player and then as assistant manager. When things weren't going well on the pitch, he was the only who came and spoke to an angry mob whilst the chairman and co hid. RIP
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  2. Wilf

    Wilf Well-Known Member

    I have a vague memory that he was/was poised to be both England and Man United captain and then got injured. Bryan Robson then took over both, though Wilkins captained England a few times during Robson's numerous injuries.
  3. sealion

    sealion Conscientious selector

    For 8 minutes then hobbled off injured :D He turned out for us three times as well. I can remember him and Luther Blisset playing for Ac Milan which at the time was rare for british players making it abroad .
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  4. passenger

    passenger up and down...

    And might I say what a fine 8 minutes it was, before he Brocke his foot :facepalm:
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