RIP Montserrat Caballé

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    Looks like Montserrat Caballé has died, the opera singer perhaps better known for singing Barcelona with Freddie Mercury. In fact, singing on the whole Barcelona album, which is frankly spectacular throughout as a result.

    Spanish soprano Montserrat Caballé dies aged 85

    I was a huge Queen fan as a kid, and when she played in the UK just after my A Levels, mum took me to see her as a reward. She was awesome, and the whole evening was only tempered by the fact that as we left mum said "Well, I was either going to pay for you to go to that, or for you to go to Ibiza for a week with friends, and I'm so glad you chose that".

    The Ibiza option wasn't something she'd mentioned to me before we went... Still though, really glad I did get to see how now she's not seeable any more.
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