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RIP Mishi, Dulwich Hamlet legend, 20/12/2019


Football's coming home
For those not on Facebook

Sorry to break bad news to you all. Our friend Mishi had a heart attack at a football game in Chatham this morning. Fortunately Bahadur was with him at the time and got him to hospital. He is currently in a stable condition but will likely not to come round for a day or two. I am sure all our thoughts will be with Mishi. I will keep you all updated as I hear news from Bahadur.

There will be a get well card in the DHFC club house to sign tonight or at Concord tomorrow.

Pink Panther

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For anyone not already appraised of the situation, Mishi apparently suffered a heart attack in Chatham this morning and is now stable but unconscious in Ashford Hospital after having a stent fitted.


Football's coming home

At the moment, Mishi is being kept unconscious for observation. He's had a Stent fitted. The doctors tell me he's doing well, and that the speedy intervention by the soldiers* saved his life. He's not out the woods yet but he's doing better than expected.

* he was at an Army football match


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Although I have never met the man, his frequent posts upon your forum and talking to some of the guy`s at Imperial fields, he is a true supporter.
Hope you are up an well soon and back on the terraces.