RIP Mark Fisher

Discussion in 'theory, philosophy & history' started by gawkrodger, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Smokeandsteam

    Smokeandsteam Well-Known Member

    Yes I can see why. I've never heard of them. I also didn't know that Plan C had a group in Birmingham.
  2. gawkrodger

    gawkrodger Well-Known Member

    We have a redbrick university don't we? ;)

    The members I have met (largely through them being involved in things like IWW) are all nice people

    vaguely related, Brummies should come to this

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  3. Smokeandsteam

    Smokeandsteam Well-Known Member

    Might pop along to that mate. Cheers for the heads up
  4. Red Cat

    Red Cat Well-Known Member

    I may go to that, it's not far from me.
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  5. gawkrodger

    gawkrodger Well-Known Member

  6. gawkrodger

    gawkrodger Well-Known Member

  7. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    The first Mark Fisher memorial lecture (by Kodwo Eshun) has been posted on youtube:
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  8. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Hoc vellum voluntater album mansum est

  9. Smokeandsteam

    Smokeandsteam Well-Known Member

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  10. brogdale

    brogdale Coming to terms with late onset Anarchism

    Went along to the 2nd Mark Fisher memorial lecture delivered by Jodi Dean this evening at Goldsmith's.

    Dean presented what she regarded as the 4 main tenets of Capitalism Realism, made reference to Exiting the Vampire Castle, read passages from Lessing's The Golden Notebook (1962) and made some concluding remarks. Quite a disappointing, spare and rather preachy affair altogether IMO; the messages being...well...basically be a good comrade. Be nice to comrades (even to the point of rehabilitating rapists back into the/your party), keep plugging away at stuff.

    Be interested to hear if any other Urbz got along, though I expect it'll be online soon. She did a reasonable job of dismissing the identity obsessed, dumb middle class student questions and the ones that asked her...ooh, isn't the word communist bad...wasn't Stalin a communist?

    But left me feeling a bit...meh? Most of those involved honestly sounded like they thought the working class were a different species tbh.
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  11. TruXta

    TruXta tired

    What did you expect, being at Goldsmith's?
  12. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Well academic waffle aside this is the important bit

    and who knows, maybe that even includes giving annoying students a break.
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  13. brogdale

    brogdale Coming to terms with late onset Anarchism

    Fair point, ska invita but, really I think Dean was taken aback by some of those questions; was as though some of them had a)not read any Fisher or b) listened to what Dean was saying.
  14. brogdale

    brogdale Coming to terms with late onset Anarchism

    I mean really...someone really did ask Dean if she calls comrades 'comardes', what did she call people who weren't comrades?
  15. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Oh i'm sure the whole affair was annoying :D i was a student once and didn't read very much either (but i wouldn't have asked a question either...or gone to a friday night lecture tbh)...questions from the floor are often a pain....
    The rape bit sounds bizarre....

    Still, keep plugging away and keep building connections and trying to find common ground and help bring everyone up together, that's the important bit, and it is worth saying again and again. There's a serious culture of negativity festering out there....

    I've never heard or read any Jodi Dean...any good? (other than tonight)?
  16. brogdale

    brogdale Coming to terms with late onset Anarchism

    The rape question came from the floor & Dean responded with a tale of a member of an American communist party who had been exposed as white supremacist and expelled...but only for one year. The moral being that anyone (implied rapists?) can be rehabilitated and those breaching party rules etc. have to be given hope (of return). Not necessarily a bad concept but...given what passed with the SWP rape issue...I thought she might have chosen a more sensitive response?

    In general I was disappointed that a lecture billed as "taking [Fisher's ideas] further or, indeed, somewhere else." didn't really do that at all.
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  17. brogdale

    brogdale Coming to terms with late onset Anarchism

    Yes, yes, yes & yes, btw.:D
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  18. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    She's from the US so I presume she might not be totally immersed in SWP-consciousness.
  19. brogdale

    brogdale Coming to terms with late onset Anarchism

  20. brixtonscot

    brixtonscot Well-Known Member

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