RIP Ginger Baker

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by Mr.Bishie, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Mr.Bishie

    Mr.Bishie Well-Known Member

    Another legend has left our mortal coil.

  2. krtek a houby

    krtek a houby Share knowledge, don't weaponize it

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  3. Pickman's model

    Pickman's model every man and every woman is a star

    RIP :(
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  4. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Without music, life would be a mistake.

    Like a lot of talented musicians of his era some of his output is excellent and some is overindulgent junk.

    Here's some of the excellence:

  5. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

  6. SheilaNaGig

    SheilaNaGig Struggling and striving

    Oh no!

    I was just listening to that the other day danny la rouge .

  7. SheilaNaGig

    SheilaNaGig Struggling and striving

    Y’know, he really is my very favourite drummer. I’ve tried liking other drummers more because it’s so obvious, but in the end it’s always Ginger Baker. He’s just so so good! I love the flicky speed he brings to his stick work. He’s so fluent, so busy, so chatty, so neat! And none of it superfluous.
  8. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    :( he's not been well for a while and I knew he was in a serious condition this past few days so I'm not surprised.

    What can you say, legendary drummer, difficult character at times, complete one off.

    Sorry he's gone RIP Ginger
  9. planetgeli

    planetgeli There's no future in England's dreaming

    Unfortunately not so good at the being a human being bit. But, y’know, old school.

    “We’re co-existing on different continents but I’m thinking of asking him to move because he’s still a bit too close.” - Jack Bruce.

  10. SheilaNaGig

    SheilaNaGig Struggling and striving

    I’ve heard and read the terrible things about him as a person, of course.

    But as a drummer....oh man...
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  11. blossie33

    blossie33 trailer trash

    Yes, I think he definitely had his demons, sad really, I guess he was an unhappy person underneath some of the times.
  12. Ground Elder

    Ground Elder Well-Known Member

    Proper drummer, but by all accounts a complete tosser in person. Saw him play with Hawkwind in the mid 80s - I can only presume he'd fallen on hard times ;)

    I'll watch Beware Of Mr Baker again later :(
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  13. belboid

    belboid TUC Off Your Knees

    1980, he only played on Levitatiin and that tour. My first Hawkwind gig

    As all have said, great drummer, lets skip over the personality. Bloody great drummer.
  14. Wilf

    Wilf Dances like a Christian

    Genuinely important and influential musician, bringing jazz, afrobeats and rock together. Full on 'influential'. I saw him in the Baker-Gurvitz army some time in the 70s. Have a vague memory of long drum solos but the band wasn't anything memorable. When someone so musically important dies you always wish you'd seen them at their peak. :(

    But yeah, even on an RIP thread you can't avoid saying he was deeply unpleasant. Even in his few months in Hawkwind he got people sacked after (wrongly) accusing them of stealing his drugs and tried to have others sacked.

    Anyway, he was as good as any rock (ish) drummer ever. That's not a bad epitaph.
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  15. The39thStep

    The39thStep Well-Known Member

    I think a lot of my favourite drummers were either jazz drummers or whose technique influenced by jazz. Baker, Ed Cassidy (Spirit), Michael Giles, Bill Bruford, Ian Wallace, Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson)
  16. Athos

    Athos Well-Known Member

    Coincidentally, I played that record for the first time in months, yesterday.
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  17. savoloysam

    savoloysam WDIGAFA

    Good innings though.

    This phrase gets thrown around too often but seriously one of the best of the best. Just listen to the way he adds music to songs like White Room. It's wasn't just about keeping the time for this fella.

    No more heroes. RIP.
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  18. savoloysam

    savoloysam WDIGAFA

    Show me a decent drummer who didn't have his demons and I'll show you a boring fucker like Dave Grohl.
  19. Ground Elder

    Ground Elder Well-Known Member

    It was 1984, Hammersmith Odeon - some sort of reunion/anniversary thing. Lemmy also played for a few tunes.
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  20. Chilli.s

    Chilli.s changed the little words

    RIP Ginger.

    I always popped to the bar during drum solos, then one time Ginger was playing with Hawkwind and for some reason i stayed and watched, changed my young perspective on what drumming could be. Awesome drummer.
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  21. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Without music, life would be a mistake.

    Me too. Even when I’m in the band.
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  22. gentlegreen

    gentlegreen Bulla liberali in perpetuum.

    Coincidentally was playing "White Room" a lot recently - though it's not actually much of a drummer's track ...

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  23. redcogs

    redcogs in the gutter beholding the stars

    RIP Ginger
  24. beesonthewhatnow

    beesonthewhatnow going deaf for a living

    Great drummer, but a cunt.
  25. hash tag

    hash tag member

    Sorry to see his passing. I can't ever recall seeing him play live unfortunately. :(
  26. Mr.Bishie

    Mr.Bishie Well-Known Member

    I’m sure someone will be along shortly shouting “nonce!!”
  27. seeformiles

    seeformiles Lost in the wood

    A difficult person (to say the least) but what a drummer! :)
  28. Mr.Bishie

    Mr.Bishie Well-Known Member

    And that’s the crux - who wasn’t a genius without being some kind of cunt? Fuck, billions of us are cunts devoid of genius!
  29. StoneRoad

    StoneRoad heckling from the back!

    Tbh, I was all Ginger who ?
    so I went through the beeb obit ...

    Cream drummer Ginger Baker dies aged 80

    and then I remembered he was in Hawkwind and Cream ...

    RIP to a brill drummer but a troubled character in other ways
  30. gosub

    gosub ~#



    Still going

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