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RIP David Bowie


Tired & Emulsional...
Not disputing the fact, but would prefer to have a link to a news source before telling everyone I know iykwim (can't see it on the BBC website yet)


I wholeheartedley agree with your viewpoint
This is incredibly shocking. I listened to Black Star for the first time last night, and was thinking how healthy and young Bowie still was n


Some talk of this being a hoax on that Facebook page. I hope they're right.

'Ashes To Ashes' was the first record I ever bought.


Surfeit of lampreys
It's on BBC News now, so officially fact. Very shocking as he seemed to be on a roll again, but I guess he didn't want to stop until the very last. I can't say I was a great follower of his music, but his influence on music and fashion are matched by very few.