RIP Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan, aged 46

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    With an unexpected death they have to make a decision about it being suspicious or not, and if it is not they are still required to contact a coroner to carry out an investigation to establish the cause of death.

    According to "The coroner may ask for a post-mortem to be performed. The coroner will hold an inquest in cases where death appeared unnatural, unexplained or due to violence or an accident"
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    I'll remember her as a survivor.
    She was brilliant in every way.
    Talented singer...Talented song writer...lovely person...shy and quiet. ..
    She was fucked over by the music industry...and by others...others caused her pain.
    Dolores was a survivor and a fighter...
    She was lovely.

    Remember her for her music her talent and her life.
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    I am not so good at remembering which band produced which songs but listening to the tracks linked to in this thread I remember them all, she had a very evocative and striking voice, it is very sad that she has passed away so young and with children too.
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    Just been reading that she was currently in a band, D.A.R.K., which also included Andy Rourke.

    I can't say that I was a huge fan, but like others have said too, the Cranberries' music is so inextricable from a fairly formative time in my life in the early-to-mid 90s that it's still like a little part of the past has gone dark.
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    I noticed HMV were milking it today with a Cranberries display and playing loads of Cranberries on a semi loop.
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