Returning 16t mineral wagons to their rightful place - the Valleys.

Discussion in 'transport' started by davesgcr, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Where are they coming from? They have a very nice rake of these on the GCR but don’t imagine you could shift all of those for five grand.

    The Windcutter Project | Great Central Railway – The UK's Only Main Line Heritage Railway

    I remember the rusted brown HTV mineral/coal wagons more, usually running past the rear of my Auntie Mary’s house that backed onto the Stoke Gifford junction, or sat at the coal merchant’s yard at Wapping Wharf. Not many still around, the NYMR had a few for departmental use but have replaced them recently. Freight stock is definitely undervalued, I guess because it doesn’t provide revenue for preserved lines (apart from the odd photo charter).
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    How many is a "rake"?
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    No technical (railway) description , but more than 10 I reckon.
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    I suspect Onllwyn - not that far away via the A465 , as there was a bunch up there for internal use.

    They were out of use on BR by (latest) 1980 - but in reality they need to be saved , as they were part of the post WW2 plan to "modernise" BR , replacing the older wooden wagons (many privately owned but requisitioned) and worked to death in the nations service. There were many thousands turned out. Rusty sums them up , rare to see a clean and gray one. The bauxite ones were the posh ones with vaccuum brakes , as opposed to "no brakes" - bar a handbrake.

    Generations of Welsh railwaymen worked these trains , down the Valleys with extreme care. One old boy driver told me , coming down from Port Talbot to Bridgend with about 40 of them behind - "like treading on eggshells Boy" ..
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    The GCR had 39 when they first got their collection together (described in link above), but some of those were from Onllwyn so might not be any left there. Three of those 39 are now in the Manchester science & industry museum, so I wonder if they’re also letting a few go to Blaenavon? That would seem possible, especially as they’re struggling to keep them all maintained at the GCR.
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