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Residential Caravan Parks?

Discussion in 'Bristol and South West' started by SeniorSbagliato, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. SeniorSbagliato

    SeniorSbagliato Having a coniption fit

    Hello, you Cornish lot, hope you're all well? :)

    I'm thinking of moving out of Wales, buying a static caranvan and living in it somewhere in Cornwall, does anyone know of any idillic little spots and indeed anywhere at all that does stay open all year, or at minimum 11mths of it?

  2. Throbbing Angel

    Throbbing Angel Current Status: back for a bit

    from memory, I don't think you are allowed to live in a static caravan all year round [my parents used to whinge about some 10 month rule or summat?] Summat to do with avoiding PollTax/permanent addresses etc etc

    they lived in Morecambe and used to go away for 8 weeks a year in one stretch as it was miles cheaper than paying polltax for 12 months

    dunno if that helps, probably not like, but hey, at least I tried huh

    Hayle in Cornwall is too quiet - don't go there!
  3. rubbershoes

    rubbershoes not the only raver in the village

    there's a static caraven place near Portsihead. I'm not sure of the name (charlcombe? ) but it's not cornwall and is pretty expensive anyway

    i don't know of any others as most don't allow all year or even ii month residence. theres' a 10 month one outside sidmouth. i could probably dig up the name but again it's expensive and not in cornwall
  4. fractionMan

    fractionMan Custom Title

    My mum used to live in once near st ives. They're round the back of a B&b. Cheap, but a little cold in the winter. somewhere around here, which is near hayle!
  5. WasGeri

    WasGeri Banned Banned

    Doesn't Rowan live in a caravan? Bodmin, I think. Maybe you could PM her. She might not want you as a neighbour though! :D
  6. Hollis

    Hollis bloody furious

    Err. my mate in Somerset was telling us about this.. can't you buy one for about £20k?
  7. boskysquelch

    boskysquelch Banned Banned

    I've got a mate in York. I think.Well. I did.

    Bude and Saltash are the best places to go.

    Actuarsey...£60K should get you an idyll and static..I paying £40/week for mine...but I have paid £70...and so on and so on :p

    Btw everyone is xene_phobic, anti_omo_sexual and raddischist...er...and mysogynistiwozzit....and...er....we all think tourists keep us alive...and erm the buses are poop but Exeters' nice...have I forgotten anything?...ough yeah Newlyn is the best place to buy smack and Ivor Doowney's taste of cats vom. :)

    alternatively :::http://www.fish4.co.uk/iad/homes/result/;pdc=1126114629719
  8. boskysquelch

    boskysquelch Banned Banned

  9. rowan

    rowan I'm back!

    Sort of, it's a park home which is a bit better than a caravan :p

    Depends how much you want to pay, but there's loads of residential sites in the West Country.
    Residential means you live there permanently, it's only the holiday ones that don't allow 12 months residency, and they're usually cheaper.

    To get an idea of what's around have a look at Rightmove Thats where I found mine.
  10. rowan

    rowan I'm back!

    A friend of mine wants to rent one down here, where's the best place to look for rentals?
  11. madzone

    madzone Physically unfavourable

    I'd be careful with residential sites and get feedback from someone who lives there already. The council have a habit of putting all the drug addicts in one place.
  12. SeniorSbagliato

    SeniorSbagliato Having a coniption fit

    Yeah, I'm after a static caravan and a residential site that will have me all year round and I've only got about 10k maximum. What do you reckon my chances are?
  13. tobyjug

    tobyjug Banned Banned

    Very good advice, there is one near Penzance that might as well have a police station built on it.
  14. madzone

    madzone Physically unfavourable

    That's the one I was thinking of ;)
  15. Isambard

    Isambard Dab of Rioja, Kitten? :D

    Jesus! :eek: Who'd wanna live there! ;)

    It's not Cornwall but there a LOT of sites around Brean Down in Somerset that might be of interest.
  16. rubbershoes

    rubbershoes not the only raver in the village

    It's got a lovely view of the Bristol channel and not of Portishead so it's Ok ;)
  17. rowan

    rowan I'm back!

    It's easy to get a caravan for that price but they probably wouldn't be on a site - you'd have to find somewhere yourself.

    To be honest I never came across anything for that price, but I was looking at park homes, not caravans. I'm sure caravans are a bit cheaper, but I don't know of any sites for them.

    But that's not to say there aren't any - I've only been here 9 months so hopefully others might know more.

    Good luck! :)
  18. SeniorSbagliato

    SeniorSbagliato Having a coniption fit

    Thanks, for that, just one more question, can I get a mortgage for a caravan or park home?
  19. rowan

    rowan I'm back!

    Not from a bank or building society, but there are companies that do it. I'll try and find their details over the weekend :)
  20. SeniorSbagliato

    SeniorSbagliato Having a coniption fit

    If you would that would be great. Cheers. :)
  21. bramblebear

    bramblebear New Member

    residential caravan parks

    I am wondering if anyone knows of any residential caravan sites that will take a family of three with a well behaved labrador and 8 year old child for approx 6 months while we relocate to Dorset anyone with any help will be much apprieciated
  22. rubbershoes

    rubbershoes not the only raver in the village

  23. bramblebear

    bramblebear New Member

    residential caravans

    Weymouth Dorset in that general area ;)
  24. rubbershoes

    rubbershoes not the only raver in the village

    there's a caravan park in owermoigne outside weymouth but i don't think it's residential. sorry i don't really know dorset so don't kow of any others
  25. bramblebear

    bramblebear New Member

    residential caravans

    Thanks Rubbershoes
    thought i would give it a try
  26. waxwings

    waxwings New Member

    Caravan Living


    Does anyone out there know if their are any residential caravan Parks in the UK where you are allowed to take your own static caravan?

    Am thinking of buying one but all residential sites I have been to see want you to buy theirs, and they charge unbelievable prices for the quality.

  27. Ground Elder

    Ground Elder Well-Known Member

    Holiday parks can now have 12 month occupancy (Good Practice Guide On Planning for Tourism 2006, which replaced PPG21 that restricted occupancy except in exceptional cases). However, the caravan (chalet/cabin) can only be occupied if it is not a person's sole or main residence. So you can 'holiday' year after year if you have somewhere else to live, but you can't live there if you are a local person in need of affordable housing.
  28. you couldn't make it up!
  29. precious beauty

    precious beauty New Member

    need info on sites

    my husband is disabled and turns 60 this year and i have a mobile hair and beauty business and we would like to relocate to Cornwall as we have been going there 2-3 times a year for 17 years and just love the place but we would like to live in a caravan, now i know someone posted that they had a link to a residential site or something in Cornwall and would like any help anyone can give in this matter please.
  30. roctrevezel

    roctrevezel Active Member

    Make sure you find a site that is licenced for all year around occupancy, and one that is not run by a cowboy. (There are plenty of those running caravan sites all over Britain.)
    The other problem anywhere in Britain is very high ground rents, £4000 a year plus is not uncommon.

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