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Discussion in 'books, films, TV, radio & writing' started by DotCommunist, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    It's midnight tonight!
  2. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    Sorry just seen this, will do
  3. Cid

    Cid 慢慢走

    I'm stumped, can't find the inspiration to finish... Oh well, hopefully something will change by 12.
  4. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    Mine is nowhere near ready but I'll work on it for the next couple of hours and put it up before midnight.

    Still cant work out how to send invites - if anyone has a story they want to enter pm me and I will put it up for you.

    Most shambolic story contest ever lol
  5. :D

    Maybe we should give it to the end of the month, midnight? Take a bit of the heat off everyone. Mine's not in a state I'm happy with yet either...
  6. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    Turns out I used a Gmail account for it so I'm still valid. PM Email if you want an invite- moomin I'll get on it.


    Go to blogger. Sign in. Go to the 'Settings' tab. then go to 'Permissions' which is in a series of links below the tabs.

    Bottom of the page is 'add authors. Copy and paste an email addy from an urbanites PM and bob is your uncle.
  7. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    I second this. If I hadn't just told belushi how to do invites I could have had my say on the idea as fucking pravda in the RDWC. I've done fuck all because I've been starting a new job doing twelve hour shifts for the first two weeks. No time.
  8. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    I'm happy with that, and as we are unencumbered by the trappings of bourgeoise democracy I propose the new deadline to be Midnight on Mayday (Monday 2nd May); marking both the workers day and giving us the bank holiday weekend to get something down on paper.

    Socialism in action comrades.
  9. Cid

    Cid 慢慢走

    At least you have shown your dedication to working for our future comrade Dotkhanov.

  10. dotcom- I'm not certain of your meaning- you mean you'll send the invite asap? That's fine, as long as it's before monday. I need monday clear to fret about my final draft :d

    it's goin' alright this one- it interests me. Started out as just a few paragraphs, then today I woke up, and just scrawled a load of stuff in a notepad, that fits into place within the story, and makes sense of some stuff, whilst also making other previously understandable stuff incomprehensible. I like that. I'm sort of waffling, but I do feel enthusiasm for this strange thing.

    The working title, which will probably remain the title, is 'Stuffed Mice and Men'
  11. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    yes. It is done. :)
  12. cheers dotcommie!
  13. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    Deadline is Midnight today! I'll put a poll up then with voting for a week.

    Good luck Comrades!
  14. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    a pome from me. I'll stick it up later, I'm still fiddling with a stanza. Cmrd. beria belushi can adjudge wether a poem (and it will be a short one) is eligible for poll inclusion. I'd forgotten how nice it feels when you write poetry for the sake of it and it turns out to be not shit. In my own humble etc.
  15. Captain Hurrah

    Captain Hurrah STALINIST Banned

  16. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    Just got in after a lovely afternoon at the reopening of the brixton windmill so its not going to be anywhere near complete but I will have it up before midnight.
  17. Cid

    Cid 慢慢走

    Had to go up to Sheffield this weekend to see mate who's done his leg in, so prob won't get mine done. :facepalm:
  18. Belushi

    Belushi 01 811 8055 R.I.P.

    Right mine's up on the blog. Another half hour until the deadline and then I'll put up a poll.
  19. Clair De Lune

    Clair De Lune Well-Known Member

    I might submit something this month. Written something, just needs a bit of polishing. When would it need to be ready by? :)
  20. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    I was looking at this post of yours and thinking 'why has nobody responded to elucidate matters? Who is running this shambles! disgrace etc' then I realised that it is supposed to be me and cmrd Belushi :oops:

    there was nowt posited save belushi's vague hint of a 'summer contest'. I'm going to icepick him in the ear here and say:

    Behold! we run June competition. So any time before the 25th of next month is fine mate- entries after that date are welcome but will not be included in any peoples polls of great justice. By ancient tradition Belushi as winner of last times contest should pick a theme but as he has not yet done so I call freeform.

    cmrd Belushi has expressed that he will be flat out at work during this time so I hope he may forgive me for robbing his right to call theme :hmm:
  21. I think that given the small number of entrants, an open theme is a good idea. I'm more likely to submit something if I can write what I want, rather than writing on a theme.
  22. Cid

    Cid 慢慢走

    I was thinking it might be an idea to simply have a bi-monthly comp rather than a monthly one anyway, a lot of us seem to be pretty deep in work at the moment and 3,000 words of decent writing over 3-4 weekends is actually a pretty tight schedule.
  23. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    excuse me, can i just pop in and the hell does this work? you all writing short stories or something? how does it work?
  24. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    Appears to have been abandoned cos we are all lazy cunts Meth :D

    if you want to revive the thing then I'll pass on blog details to you, call a reasonable deadline for entries and we can see what happens. I might even rouse my own lazy arse to pen something....
  25. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    ive got a short story 50% finished..well i say short its bloody long actually lol inspired by the film spun its kinda half a novalisatin of the film but also half of my own shit. ive taken bits from the film added my own.. set it in UK although i need to be abit more carefull when im novalising from the film.

    ive hit chapter 3 and gave up ages ago but found the memory stick other day and chapter 1 is there..i think ive lost the second thogh :mad:
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  26. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    nobody writes then?
  27. frogwoman

    frogwoman лягушкая женщина

    go for it meth. writing can be fantastic and often very therapeutic i find.
  28. METH LAB

    METH LAB Im a goat! Banned

    u not see my poems allready? (they get better towards the back)

    tbh i have got a short noval on memory stick but im not feeling very well. im feeling like i wanna die all the time so i think ide rather just sit back and bomb some urbans, so take this as a full blown attack im launching at 'em, just to clear the static out my alcoholic phantom


    i get out of bed at 4am
    nervous withdrawen, now what then?
    2 san migeul and 2 carlsberg export
    and as i neck them my stomache hurts like deaths door

    im pissed up now and its 6am
    ive eaten every benzo i can find but the missis hid them
    im gonna go ballastic coz im skint and just been ripped
    by some punk wanker from topix who i plan to go visit

    only thing is i aint got a car, a bike and i aint fuckin walking
    cant afford a train ride, free lift? now we fuckin talking!
    only there aint no free lift and i aint fuckin walkin
    so i'll just sit here and slowly kill myself with all this bollox that im talkin

    its fuckin completaly obvious to me
    that i can rhyme so fuckin easy

    i cant hardly see the fuckin screen
    yet they comming out deadly, and pretty damn clean

    maybe i could tick up some speed to get me out this fog
    then you'll see a poem that would break the worded post like god!
    "im sorry there are too many words this post is too long"
    or whatever it fuckin says when you been bangin on too long

    so much for bombing urbans imma go bomb myself
    its been a while since ive felt this bad i just wanna check out

    thats fuckin magic that is..absolute gold. or im delusional as hell.(possible)
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  29. Diamond

    Diamond The Red Baron

    Following on from the "writing a novel" thread, would anyone be keen in resurrecting this?
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  30. DotCommunist

    DotCommunist slowtime

    Possibly yes, miss RD he was a gentle man:(

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