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    Anyone got any links/reading they can recommend re: this, the Belgian General Strike 1960/61 etc

    Doesn't seem to be much in English about
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    Revolutionary History volume 7 number 1(A paradise for capitalism: class and leadership in 20th century Belgium) has a 50 page piece on it among other interesting items. One of the issues not online though.
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    butchersapron blood on the walls

    No, i tell a lie - it is online.

    The Belgian General Strike

    The following text is a translation of pages 15-62 of La Grève Générale Belge by Serge Simon, published as a supplement to no 8 of Correspondances Socialistes, published in Paris in 1961. Reasons of space have prevented us from translating the first section (pp3-14), an analysis of the economic circumstances that led to the imposition of the loi unique. Simon sees the problem as a long-term crisis of markets, resulting from Belgian capitalism’s failure to modernise, and aggravated by the short-term effects of Belgium’s withdrawal from the Congo. It also outlines the situation in parliament and in the Belgian labour movement immediately prior to the strike. Correspondances Socialistes was a French journal founded in March 1960 to regroup the Socialist elements of the Parti Socialiste Unifié around a class programme. It was made up of a coalition of Pivertists and Trotskyists who refused to support the leadership of the PSU on the grounds that it embraced a bourgeois-liberal trend typified by Mendès-France. It only maintained itself for a few years, and its militants joined a number of other groupings. Its editor, Jean Jacques-Marie, one of France’s foremost modern historians, later joined the Trotskyist tendency led by Pierre Lambert, and now represented by the Courant Communiste Internationaliste.

    Other parts of issue.
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    Nice work BA. A national treasure!
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    That Serge Simon article offers a very critical perspective on Renard, and on the rival trotskoid faction, including Ernest Mandel, who were involved with La Gauche, "the weekly newspaper most closely associated with the strike leader André Renard".

    A couple of years later Mandel contributed an article about the strike to New Left Review explaining the 'dialectics' of supporting Renardism

    - pdf here The Dialectic of Class and Region in Belgium

    For those who can't get enough trotskoid post-match analysis Tony Cliff's 1961 articles on the strike are here and here.

    From a post-trotskyist perspective the French group Pouvoir Ouvrier sent a "team" (including Guy Debord) to Belgium during the strike. Articles and 'testimonies' subsequently appeared in its theoretical journal Socialisme ou Barbarie (pdf here) and in it's agitational journal Pouvoir Ouvrier (pdfs here and here). (This was a couple of years before the split which produced separate groupings based around the two publications). ICO which had already split from Pouvour Ouvrier briefly discussed the strike in its bulletin (pdf here). Programme Communiste, the French journal of the Bordigist Parti Communiste International (it's international section was based in Belgium) discussed the strikes from a left communist perspective (pdf here). (All pdfs on the invaluable archives autonomies site).

    And all in French I'm afraid, apart from Castoriadis' article in SouB which is translated in Political and Social Writings Vol 3

    - PDF here The Signification of the Belgian Strikes

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  7. Lurdan

    Lurdan old wave

    Daily Mirror, December 29th 1960

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