Remember when techno was fast?

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by Fez909, Feb 18, 2018.

  1. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman It's all good, man

    Anything lower than 140 just doesn't work.

    Not once you'd necked a disco biscuit it isn't. :D
    No it wouldn't. Maybe it was shit pills that slowed it down in the late 90s. I dunno, I was well out of the scene at that stage.
    Do you have an example?
  2. blairsh

    blairsh Moor on

  3. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

  4. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman It's all good, man

    Even that sounds like it's over 130, but I'd have considered that chillout music when I was at it :D
  5. PippinTook

    PippinTook Well-Known Member

    It's closer to 125 by my calculations.
  6. fishfinger

    fishfinger تپلی

    It's just under 133 BPM
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  7. PippinTook

    PippinTook Well-Known Member

    First-time I checked was 133.3333333 and I thought that was wrong....
    Checked again and came up slower.
    But second time I only checked for 16 seconds.
    I bow to your technology though.
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  8. twentythreedom

    twentythreedom Seagulls are cunts

    I think it's ok to round up or down to the nearest whole BPM :thumbs:
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  9. PippinTook

    PippinTook Well-Known Member

    Yeah.. I guess.
    At first I thought....there's a reason they picked 133.333 repeated.

    Mind you I was doing this sans tech.
  10. mao

    mao I'm totally wired

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  11. mao

    mao I'm totally wired

  12. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman It's all good, man

    Your calculations are shite

    I 'calculated' it at about 133

    Because it was!

    Then yer either pissed or cluelesss! :D
    5 seconds is plenty!
  13. PippinTook

    PippinTook Well-Known Member

    I was doing it without technology...

    Just for the heck of it try calculating it with only a stop watch...see how close you get.
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  14. PippinTook

    PippinTook Well-Known Member

    240 beats per minute could be considered hard core techno...but the native American shamans used 4 beats per second...for their trance music....
    And after 15 minutes of that they naturally could be in an altered state of consciousness...

    "Trance drumming is very fast, with no accents and no breaks,and “it must be continuous for at least 15 minutes to be effective”
    (Ash, 2001, p. 141). One research study found that major brainwave changes were produced in subjects listening to rhythmic drumming when the frequencies were changed (e.g., from two beats to four beats per second) (Villoldo & Krippner, 1987). The altered state was enhanced by exertion, hyperventilation, and fasting, and all of these conditions are present in various NativeAmerican dances. Other studies have found that drumming at three to four beats per second produced characteristic brainwave changes as measured by an EEG (Torrey, 1986). Doak (2007) measured brainwave patterns in subjects who listened to shamanic drumming versus non-shamanic drumming; fMRI analysis showed activation in the occipital lobe that is similar to that of light Stage 1 sleep."

    The Role of Altered States of Consciousness in Native American Healing - The Cuyamungue Institute
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  15. Orang Utan

    Orang Utan Sub-Sub-Librarian

    There's even beatless, and ambient techno
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  16. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

    loved the dave clarke tune Red 2. I think I first heard it on a Eurobeat 2000 comp, on cassette!

    he was on the cover of one of the first Muzik mag, a monthly jaunt into the world of mid 90s dance scene .I collected them all up until about issue 10 or there abouts.

    Muzik mag, RIP.

    IMO, this is what "techno" sounds like. Some of the stuff posted here is just percussion and little else, yeah Jeff Mills has talent but I would be bored very quickly listening to one of his sets, there is very little variation of sounds, it just sounds like fast drum tracks to me.
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  17. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

    Dave Angel.

    Already one of his tunes has been posted, but this one gets me going, classic east coast funk hook, running around 125ish IMO.

    See, fast techno, but with a tune behind it, not just drums.
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  18. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

    another by Angel, this one his first release on his own label, Rotation. I had a few back in the day..........

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  19. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    That's actually 135.
  20. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

    nobody has mentioned Jim Masters, he was instrumental to flying over the big guns of techno when he DJ'ed at the Ministry back in the day. No one else really did this but he would have them headlining his night.

    He did a collab' with Cox,and sometimes Trevor Rockcliffe, a label, Ultimate Base, there were a few tune put out, mostly their own work...I have the first release, its a double 12".

    Check some of the stuff on this, pretty sweet.

    Funny thing is, he lives just outside of town and I do see him down the pub sometimes, he's pretty friendly.... I try not to talk too much shop...he reminds me of a Little Britain character, 3.2.1.... You're back in the room!
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  21. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

    the first post on this thread, a tune called Accelerator. this is also the name of Future Sound Of London's first LP.

    Everyone knows Papua New Giunea. A classic. But the album also contained some pretty decent techno too.

    Just in case you missed it..........

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  22. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

    did you count them yourself?
  23. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

  24. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    This is the FSOL tune for me:

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  25. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

    lol, so many sites.... how to mix, a key chart, a bpm thingy......etc.

    wonder if there is one for how to dress fashionably, how to iron pants and socks......
  26. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Are you really bemoaning a BPM counter? lol
  27. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

    a bpm counter on mixers was considered really cool once upon a time, I found they were never really accurate, fluctuating wildly.
  28. moody

    moody Being alive increases risk of death.

    thats a 4am drop. those 909 drums and 303 bass kick arse
  29. Mattym

    Mattym Well-Known Member

    Go to FSOL track for me...
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  30. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    There does seem to be a bit of a trend for quite plodding and dull techno at the moment and I find myself listening to more upbeat stuff


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