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Religions and cults on the streets of Brixton


Hetero Sapiens
Seems to me you must be a Lutheran. Luther decreed that the Epistle of James was an epistle of straw.

"In his book Basic Theology, Charles Caldwell Ryrie countered the claim that Luther rejected the Book of James as being non-canonical.[13] In his preface to the New Testament, Luther ascribed to several books of the New Testament different degrees of doctrinal value:

"St. John's Gospel and his first Epistle, St. Paul's Epistles, especially those to the Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, and St. Peter's Epistle-these are the books which show to thee Christ, and teach everything that is necessary and blessed for thee to know, even if you were never to see or hear any other book of doctrine. Therefore, St. James' Epistle is a perfect straw-epistle compared with them, for it has in it nothing of an evangelic kind."[14]

Mmm. Yeah, that's exactly what I meant. :hmm:
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I can't help but laugh everytime I see that lot - they look like extras out of star wars. Makes their intolance and homophobia all together less scary.
They maybe laughable but I nearly got into a fight with one of these aggressive clowns when he got close up and personal and did that weird bloke heads rutting nonsense. That said, it was a pleasure seeing them getting booted out of Windrush Square.

Brixton 1 – Twelve Tribes of Israel 0. Homophobic street preachers forced out of Windrush Square


"Red Guard"(NLYL)
Is there any overlap or continuity between these eejits and the older British Israelism tradition?

(British Israelism are probably the Ur-Loons, the OG nutters: British Israelism - Wikipedia )
Highly unlikely. British Israel was one of many esoteric/exotic religious fashions in the nineteenth century Britain and America. The Mormons - still a powerful church or cult - is based on that lost tribes idea. But they are white - in fact the Mormons operated a colour bar until about 50 years ago.

With the 12 Tribes it's all about being black and having a back story to account for slavery. I've no idea what the ultimate theology/ideology is, but here are their leaflets, since you ask. These are a couple of years old. Their internet links are US based, but they seem to have Birmingham and London followers - who post on Youtube (naturally). The Brixton group used to be vigorously against mixed relationships. Don't know if this still holds.
12 Tribes large single sided.jpg
12 Tribes 4 sides 1.jpg
12 Tribes 4 sides 2.jpg
12 Tribes 4 sides 3.jpg
12 Tribes 4 sides 4.jpg