releases you're looking forward to (& have looked fwd to)

Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by ska invita, Dec 30, 2010.

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    And since I'm on this thread, I'm looking forward to Gabe Gurnsey's album Phantasy, released 3rd August. He's part of Factory Floor, but on his first solo album he's moved away from their stripped down banging for "a 21st Century take on muscular electro, Balearic synth pop, EBM, proto-Hacienda militant funk, early Chicago house and minimal, Neptunes-referencing beats".

    Love this track: Ultra Clear Sound
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    Mogwai have a soundtrack coming out on August 31st. Never heard of KIN, looks kinda sci-fi. Initial offerings sound good
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    I doubt if anyone else here cares, but I can't wait for the new Innocence Mission album.
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    Chromatics - Dear Tommy

    This was discussed a bit in the album recommendation thread last year. Now, apparently, it's due out this autumn.

    It was originally announced in December 2014, due to be out "in time for valentines day". February 2015 came and went with no sign of the album. Four singles were released over 2015, then... nothing. 2016 came and went. In May 2017 it was announced that Johnny Jewel (of the band) had almost died on Christmas day 2015, returned to LA and destroyed every copy of the album in the warehouse (15,000 CDs and 10,000 records), but had rerecorded it and it would be released soon.

    Will they manage to release it this year?

    They've released another track from the album: Black Walls

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    wow, there's a name I haven't heard/thought about for a while. They were ace!

    Listening to black walls now...
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  10. stavros

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    The second Tropical Fuck Storm album comes out at the end of August.
  11. Fozzie Bear

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    Goddamit Kevin.

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    ohh, new Gruff Rhys coming out in a couple of months. That'll be nice.
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    I've listened to this preview of the album:


    Sometimes I feel like: surely, after 25 years of hunting out this style of techno, I must have enough. But then I hear something this good and I'm all: nope, need more :D

    Will definitely be getting this album when it's out :thumbs:
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    So, this is out now: Scan 7 - Between Worlds

    After a few listens it's... fantastic. Easily the best thing Scan 7 have done. Lovely techno soul, with a few more electro tracks. It's as good as any other LP to come out of Detroit. If it'd been released in the 90s it'd probably be considered up there with any of the Carl Craig or Model 500 albums.
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    Wow, high praise indeed!

    I haven't got it yet...hope I've not missed it :)
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    Possibly I'm overselling it because it's new, but I can't think of a techno album from Detroit that's this grabbed me like this since Eddie Fowlkes' Welcome to My World in '07. And this album flows better than that - it works as a whole as well as individual tracks. It's not just a load of club tracks, like the recent Octave One/RNG albums. And it shows real progression in Scan 7's sound, rather than just being more of what they've done better before, like Santiago Salazar's from this year or the flood of Jeff Mills albums from the last 15 years.

    It's still available on Juno...
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  19. Chemical needs

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    Colundi every0ne. Been looking forward to it for nearly a year now ...
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    I've had this a few weeks now, and haven't given it enough of a listen yet, but..I think you're mostly right about it. It's really great. Not the best album from Detroit by a long way, or even the best thing Scan 7 has ever done (that'd be Black Moon Rising :cool: ) but it's still absolute quality.

    I love how varied it is as well. So many different styles, but they're all executed flawlessly.

    Current fav is Shadow Spirit, but it changes every time I listen.

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    Cassette store day tape. Been waiting for this ever since I saw a shot of the original in the 1986 infected songbook. IMG_20191016_210326.jpg
    Probably would have been more into it back in 86.

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