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Reise Allassani signs for Coventry City

Roger D

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That fits perfectly with something an AFC fan said to me last night about how a transfer collapsed during a medical. The player was unhappy with something but the medical proceeded anyway as negotiations were going on to try and sort the sticking point(s) out. Obviously that didn't happen and the deal collapsed.


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Gutted but fair play to him, was always going to happen!

Hope he goes right to the top, quality little player.

Roger D

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Was he on a contract with us? Hate to be vulgar, but do we see any money from this?
Given Reise signed for us solely to get back to match fitness to return to the pro ranks I'm sure he / his agent will have ensured any fee we are eligible for is on the nominal side.

Given his age and the fact he was under contract last year a fee is possible if we offered him terms but don't get too excited about the amount, a gentleman's or written agreement will probably be in place. (Edited to say Coventry describe it as an undisclosed fee so there was money.)

It serves the club better in the long run to be attractive proposition to the likes of Reise than to screw Coventry through the floor and stitch him up.

In the 90's a Hamlet player left for St Alban's. Not long after Wolves put a bid, can't remember the fee but it was generous. Saints turned it down asking for more money. Wolves walked away. He wasn't amused and players keen to move up made a mental note to be wary of Saints. Barry never got to turn professional.
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Big step up to Cov. All part of the journey, one with no guarantees ofc.

Cov have Jodi Jones back from injury now and he's a highly rated young attacker so I guess they felt he wasn't going to push for a place in the short term.

Looks like he had an impressive debut today:

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