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Recommend me some brogues


Peckham Wry
These guys my go to's for brogues, if in London visit the shop they are really friendly, will give discounts for more than 1 pair...dont tell em I told you...
I have 8 pairs bought from there over the years... aye, just call me Imelda...
Am off there tomorrow as I NEED these....
Oh fuck it backward with a goats arse - how do you post online pics here?


rolling turds in glitter
Why are there boots when there are shoes? It baffles me why you’d want them to go even further up your leg, esp when you wear keks
I’ve genuinely not owned or worn a pair of shoes since 4th year comprehensive. Apart from gym trainers

My step down from boots is birkenstocks/flip flops/crocs :D