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  1. Most of the time seems that the world throws up nothing but bad news in regards to workers' rights, pay and conditions, etc. But I was hoping we could have a thread for posting up only positive news of victories however big or small from around the world. Time to cheer ourselves up.

    A few stories that I have found from poking around the web:

    Canada, 11 Sept 2013: Anti-blacklisting campaign against Ferrovial a success:

    Ireland, 19 Sept 2013: Irish government to grant unions greater bargaining powers

    Ireland, 18 Sept 2013: EBS strike averted as bank agrees to pay bonuses to its workers

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  2. Hocus Eye.

    Hocus Eye. Snap, crop, scrap crap

    Good luck to this thread. Let's see what happens.
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  3. nogojones

    nogojones Well-Known Member

    I hope this grows to rival the bandwith thread
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  4. Scotland, 20 Sept 2013: Wages victory for Irvine Ardagh Glass workers with six per cent pay rise

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  5. Jeff Robinson

    Jeff Robinson Well-Known Member

    I like that story from China back at the end of June when the factory workers locked up their fucking cunt, bloodsucking parasite yank boss until he paid them what he owed them.
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  6. Whilst I hope to post up particularly significant news stories here, I have thrown together a little website to track weekly stories of union successes. It's not much at the moment, but hopefully it will grow and improve over time. You can access it here. Any suggestions on how to improve the site are welcome.
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  7. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    As well as a victories newsfeed, you could implement an ongoing struggle newsfeed to make it a one stop shop for union news stuff. I'm fairly sure it'd be easy to implement using RSS. I think the TUC have a feed you can take advantage of <<<Here>>> for example.
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  8. This is a definite possibility, and using the TUC feed would be a quick way of achieving that. The only thing is that there are already a load of websites that do a fantastic job of providing overall trade union related news, for example, and the TUC page you linked to. So it seems needless to try and do something that is already out there. A site that focuses solely on good news I think makes for a refreshing change.
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  9. Hocus Eye.

    Hocus Eye. Snap, crop, scrap crap

    I don't agree that the concentration on victories is the only reflection of good news. If you have ever taken part in industrial action including strikes, the good news is the action. It takes a long time for the demands of grass-roots workers to get translated into action, often because the union wants to hold things back and then that action or actions may take a further long time. Once you are in it though and taking action you feel that you are doing something and are empowered by this. Seeing other workers involved in struggles of their own leads to a sense of solidarity. Victories should be celebrated of course even though they may only be partial and I agree the main stream media will never do this.

    Good luck with this website.
  10. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    At some point you'll have to ask and answer some hard questions about unions and the general and specific roles they play. A site/thread about say labour's victories against capital would be better I think (of course, that would also require defining labour and capital and the political stuff that flows from that).
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  11. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    "Write programs that do one thing and do it well" is the Unix Philosophy. I think applying it to websites is a good idea, too. :)
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  12. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    Well they negotiate with the boss class to agree upon how much we can get exploited by. Being hierarchical, those at the top of the structure have their own interests which are sometimes not in tune with those they represent, much like the boss class. Especially if they have their eye on a jump into party politics. I still think it's better to be in a unionised workforce than a non unionised one though.
  13. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    There is that. Athough I tend to prefer to go to one place for information rather than several.
  14. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    The problem with that is you're competing against others doing the same thing. Best to stick to your niche and become the place to go for a specific reason, and then establish links/networks with others who do likewise in related areas. All IMO, of course.
  15. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    You're actually agreeing with me then :confused: because all an RSS feed does is provides links to other places.
  16. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    You didn't say to only provide an RSS feed: you were talking about expanding the type of content he includes on his site as well as providing an RSS feed.

    I think an RSS feed is a great feature to add.
  17. What is your own answer to these questions?
  18. Citizen66

    Citizen66 splash the cistern

    Nope I suggested a newsfeed then pointed out that TUC offer code for that purpose (meaning no added labour for him) after he asked for suggestions.
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  19. Either way, like I said, I think an RSS feed from the TUC is a definite possibility. Will add these features slowly though as I'm pretty new to making websites. One step at a time and let's see what works.
  20. weepiper

    weepiper Jock under the bed

    Hovis workers win their fight against being replaced with zero-hours agency workers

  21. dennisr

    dennisr the acceptable face

    nice one wee piper for adding this - important
  22. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

    Which questions exactly? Or do you just mean my general pointing out that unions should not be approached uncritically and they need setting in some sort of political context? The questions there are surely for the people suggesting doing the site.

    It's just without that a list of union victories is very narrow and will miss out:
    a) victories won outside of the unions by 1) workers 2) People outside of work or in work but fighting on non-work issues
    b) what the list of union victories means politically - who it strengthens and why - within the union, within the workplace within the labour party and within the wider left, within the class, within labour vs capital
    c) the more detailed analysis of what form of strikes are happening in what industries and using what methods, what forms of support they gained, how info was circulated, any autonomous action in support of, how the union bureaucracy acted and why and so on.

    I'm not being negative and saying don't do this here, i'm being positive and pointing out ways in which the project can be developed further.
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  23. teqniq

    teqniq DisMembered

    Colombian Teachers’ Strike Ends After Government Concedes

  24. New Zealand: KFC offer jobs back to sacked disabled workers.

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  25. I'm not ignoring this post by the way. Just mulling over some of the issues you bring up. They are all very good points and certainly worth acting upon if I ever decided to expand the site. Time doesn't really permit that at the moment, unfortunately. The best rationale I can give for focusing on such a narrow, and as a result possibly superficial, area is that it provides a quick injection of hope when feeling down about the world.
  26. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    Had it in the diary to go down to visit the Daily Mail offices in support of UVW striking cleaners on Thursday, quick google to check the details and lo and behold:
    DM caved in before the strike, wage increase from 7.50 to 10.20 an hour in one hit!
    UVW are on a real roll.... doing amazing things at the moment.
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  27. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

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  28. Smokeandsteam

    Smokeandsteam Well-Known Member

    ska invita good stuff. Why is this in world politics though?
  29. ska invita

    ska invita back on the other side

    I guess the thread was to highlight global union successes?
  30. Smokeandsteam

    Smokeandsteam Well-Known Member


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