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    Just saw this - its just an example but broadly is representative
    apart from the 2013 wav clipping of the edges there, what does the light blue colour refer to?

    And does anyone have anything to say about the loudness wars? Im mixing some recordings at the moment and im loathe to compress the final mix - i hate what it does to an overall mix - yet it does mean that the tracks are significantly quieter against other processed recordings. Is there any going back from this loudness one upmanship?
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    Initially I thought this was some sort of jazzz post about Russian radar. :D

    Sorry can't help you with the technicalities. :oops:
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    Thanks very interesting. Never new about RMS. So broadcast levels will be set at, what was it, -23db RMS? That is fantastic news, if producers start aiming for that mark and the loudness wars are abandoned. Need to get my head around this a bit more, but this sounds like a great step forward.

    He mentions that ipods, say, will try and also broadcast at this level - hows that going to be implemented? i cant imagine it. Can anyone explain it?
  7. ska invita

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    more vidoes from that man
    How the Loudness War is crushing Dave Grohl’s analogue ambitions

    Dave Grohl’s Sound City movie is fantastic – anyone reading this blog will love it. Grab it now !

    (I do have some reservations about the film, which were expressed really clearly in this post from Tape Op magazine – but it’s still a great watch.)


    At the end of the film, we see Dave recording an album inspired by Sound City Studios – and sadly the amazing analogue sound Dave loves so much and talks about into the film hasn’t survived 100% intact onto the final CD.

    Not because of some imaginary intrinsic flaw in digital audio, but because of the Loudness Wars… again.

    Take a look at the video to see what I mean – and if you agree with my viewpoint, please help spread the word by sharing it wherever and whenever you can !

    You can hear the whole Sound City album here.
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    Another nail in the coffin of Loudness??

    So for example, at the more dynamic end of the spectrum, Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’ massive hit ”Uptown Funk” measures -12 LUFS (DR 8 on the TT Meter) on CD. Whereas “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding is squashed up to -8 LUFS (DR 5) on CD, and later in the playlist, Madonna’s “Living For Love” clocks in at an eye-watering (and heavily distorted) -7 LUFS (DR 4!)

    But on YouTube, all of them are being played back at a similar loudness of roughly -13 LUFS.

    And that’s HUGE, because YouTube is the single largest online discovery source for music. More kids look for music on YouTube than on iTunes, TV or radio, or anywhere.

    This is where they hear new music for the first time, decide if they like it, and whether to share it with their friends.

    And YouTube just took “loudness” out of the equation.
    ..........,more http://productionadvice.co.uk/youtube-loudness/
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    At least there is a resurgence in buying music on vinyl again which negates much of this loudness wars stuff. Unfortunately it's still a very minor market and I would guess that most millennials who've been bought up on youtube are more used to heavily compressed and normalized music which to our ears sounds horrible but to a lot of kids they just don't know any better.

    Notwithstanding the irony of using youtube here, this is a good vid from 8 years ago explaining what was starting to happen everywhere...

    This more recent one really presses home the point of whats happening now
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  10. fishfinger

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    Considering that most master recordings are identical for CD and Vinyl, this is a not necessarily true.

  11. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    I was referring to non-remastered music vs listening to the same thing on youtube or spotify, but for newer recordings which have already suffered the loudness mastering I take your point.
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    Bumping an old thread



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