R4 Today bias to drugs pilot in Brixton

Discussion in 'Brixton' started by missing twin, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. missing twin

    missing twin habesha

    To any early birds out there...

    this morning, the "Daily Mail" of the airwaves the Today programme ran a report about the softly softly approach to cannabis in Brixton in which the reporter (sorry didn't catch name -too early) followed Kate Hoey around Brixton complaining about the policy, interviewed local residents also opposed to policy. A spokesperson for the Police Federation (hmm) in studio - against policy. Claimed Met wouldn't provide spokesperson, and then had Brian Paddick to put the other side.

    Another example of Today's bias, no interviews with locals in favour of approach, or even people who have some reservations but see some positive effects too.

    Don't know if there are others of you who have a similar love/hate relationship with Today?

    Anyway, if any of you heard it be great to hear your views, and if anyone feels like me, do complain - the BBC do pass on all complaints to programme editors.

    For those who may need it the no is 0870 0100222.

    Have good day :D
  2. kea

    kea Banned Banned

  3. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Without music, life would be a mistake.

    See the Today programme website here . And email your complaints here .
  4. Brian

    Brian Local friendly ex-cop

    I have written a letter of complaint to the editor and telephoned and e-mailed!
  5. Jazzz

    Jazzz the truth don't care Banned

    IMO, the BBC has become a propaganda machine for the government. I missed this programme but can well imagine what it was like. :(
  6. butchersapron

    butchersapron blood on the walls

  7. inthecity

    inthecity Guest

    and of course...

    not to mention BBC's 'balanced' coverage of the monarchy (as discussed in the BBC monarchy debate thread). but when they get smashed for having a newsreader with a burgundy tie reporting on the Qmums funeral (gasp, scream, look horrified) who can blame the them....(well, i can)
  8. Jazzz

    Jazzz the truth don't care Banned

    Yeah, we're not a propaganda machine! Look, we even wore the wrong colour tie! Wasn't that naughty of us!
  9. inthecity

    inthecity Guest

    i wasn't saying they weren't Dr J, I can't stand the way the BBc and most of the media manipulate and, well, downright lie about so many issues..........it's great to see a few demos planned at the offices of some newpapers (the mail and the express i think)
  10. Jazzz

    Jazzz the truth don't care Banned

    I know you weren't... I was concurring, perhaps should have used smiley :D

    and you got me thinking about the tie, I reckon it was probably deliberate for precisely that reason.
  11. inthecity

    inthecity Guest


    ooohhhhh....i've gone all red now
  12. danny la rouge

    danny la rouge Without music, life would be a mistake.

    Well, *you'd* have to really, wouldn't you? :D
  13. ICB

    ICB now then

    I missed that this morning, fortunately or I would have started the day in an even worse mood.

    I agree the BBC often struggles to challenge the government's attempts at media management but it's as much down to laziness and incompetence as it is an acceptance of censorship and propaganda.

    Contrast Today's editorial team (stuffy, middle aged, white, male dominated) with Newsnight's (unorthodox, mixed background, female dominated) and you can see some of the causes for their differences. Today is generally unchallenging, unincisive, carries far too much tedious sport coverage (5live for that surely?), features the appalling TFTD and totally unchallenging financial reports. Newsnight likes digging up really messy stories and embarassing people with them. The one thing they have in common is that no member of the government will agree to be interviewed on either of them on any vaguely contentious subject. :rolleyes:

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