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    ricbake working out how

    The Quin & Axtens building is the whole block that includes Barnardos, Mothercare, Brixton Grill, Phonox Nightclub, Poundland, The Ex Job Centre, CEX, SW9 Game, Garda Shoes and the odd little nail bar/corset shop. The Job Centre had part of the 1st floor and offices at 8-10 Stockwell Avenue, above ASC (Artist Studios) have access to the upper floors via 246 Stockwell Road.

    The old Job Centre on Brixton Road has been cheaply altered and rebranded "Brixton Market"
    Looks like it will become some form of short term small shopping arcade.
    The Artist Studios are going to expand probably on very short periodic Lease into the back office upstairs space of the Job Centre. Studios - ASC Studios

    Mothercare appear to be preparing to close down and I believe that Poundland and Phonox (Colombo South) Leases have only about 6 months to run.

    The owners Crown Property/Golfrate have a huge chunk of the middle of Brixton there which they will probably want to capitalise on fairly soon.

    keeping an eye on the planning applications....


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