Discussion in 'music, bands, clubs & festies' started by ChristianB, May 25, 2014.

  1. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Scum with no integrity, apparently.

    You are throwing in the towel? :eek:

    That is so very disappointing. Do you know how hard we've all worked on this! :mad: :D
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  2. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Ban this fucker :mad:
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  3. N_igma

    N_igma Epistemic nuisance

    It's obviously Dario G he just doesnt realise it yet.
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  4. killer b

    killer b Feat. Sean Paul

    I think ChristianB is Dario G. Now he's successfully implanted his evil song in our heads he's off to ruin another music forum. :mad:
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  5. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    I came back to my work computer this morning and I still had that mix loaded which Fez909 posted up earlier which is now on the stereo :)
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  6. twentythreedom

    twentythreedom Seagulls are cunts

    Not this one?

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  7. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Scum with no integrity, apparently.

    I think you are right....he says it goes:
    That is the sample Dario G used. :D
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  8. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    Good mix init?
  9. friedaweed

    friedaweed Sitting down for a wee

    I have this track and a 12 incher ;)
  10. rubbershoes

    rubbershoes not the only raver in the village

    I'm going to be charitable to ChristianB and believe that it was some amazing cheese-free remix of Dario G that he fondly rememebered
  11. mwgdrwg

    mwgdrwg Be a Pisces. Jam.

    It's not that song by Deep Forest, is it? :p
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  12. Rutita1

    Rutita1 Scum with no integrity, apparently.

    At this rate it could be! :D :hmm:
  13. skyscraper101

    skyscraper101 0891 50 50 50

    Maybe it was this?

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  14. Thats what I was thinking. Deffo has the singing at the end, but its one person, and it doesnt have piano :(

    Maybe its Banco de Gaia.
  15. Mattym

    Mattym Well-Known Member

    This is their finest & least-dated moment…
  16. Costacurta5

    Costacurta5 New Member

    Well I for one am very grateful to everyone, especially killer b as I heard a certain track on the radio in the car lately that I hadn't heard in aaaaages and they didn't say what it was but I just had to try and find out. I searched google with 'epic african sounding dance anthem 90s' and this thread was the 3rd result. And thank heavens the answer lay within and ended my torturous wondering. The tune turned out to be, as you've probably guessed by now: the Dario G one, Sunchyme. Thanks!
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  17. killer b

    killer b Feat. Sean Paul

    I don't think any of us will thank you for bumping the thread, I'd only just got that fucking song out of my head... :mad:
  18. ointram

    ointram New Member

    Years later, I just found this this thread and site.

    This was on a major label, but it's what you describe> merry xmas:

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  19. riftonix

    riftonix New Member

    I'm almost 100% confident that the track is either:

    Junior Jack - E Samba


    Africanism & Bob Sinclar - Samba in Hell

    Both has 'samba' in the title! haha...
  20. jamiegallagher

    jamiegallagher New Member

    Mauro picotto - proximus ( medley with adiemus ) - thank me later
  21. killer b

    killer b Feat. Sean Paul

    Sadly Christianb is long gone from these shires. You won't get your thanks in a hurry.
  22. jamiegallagher

    jamiegallagher New Member

    No worries, but for you all who wanted to know what it was, here it is!
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  23. Fez909

    Fez909 toilet expert

    I like your confidence, knowing you can't be refuted. Good work :thumbs:
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  24. killer b

    killer b Feat. Sean Paul

    Ah, no - none of us really cared. It was just a fun quiz.
  25. jamiegallagher

    jamiegallagher New Member

    Well it took me a long time to find this song before, and to be honest i would of described it exactly the same way as he did.. maybe it is wrong, but if so I'm guessing it's very similar
  26. jamiegallagher

    jamiegallagher New Member

    Good for you!
  27. pk

    pk drink flounce rinse repeat

    Has this one been suggested?
  28. pk

    pk drink flounce rinse repeat

    Or it could well be this one...
  29. smmudge

    smmudge Sissy that walk!

    Omg this is the worst thread ever. I feel like I've been brought within a second of climax then they just went "ok well see you later"
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